Unified Web Presence Introduces System’s New Brand

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An online debut makes a vital pitch to the community.


Multiple unconnected websites. More than 200,000 pages and files. And limited time to communicate a rebranding before a key local vote on a hospital’s taxpayer funding.


A single, streamlined site that introduces a new health system while providing essential, easy-to-find information to patients.


With only 1,500 pages and files, UNM Health System’s website better serves its diverse audiences—who approved continued taxpayer funding of UNM Hospital just weeks after site launch.


Winner Outstanding Achievement 2017 Interactive Media Awards

“Having Geonetric available to answer content questions all the time and coach us how to work through a project like this was invaluable.”

Terry Kelly, Communications & Outreach Specialist
UNM Health Sciences Center

An online debut makes a vital pitch to the community.

New Mexicans statewide rely on UNM Health System, home to an academic medical center and the rural state’s largest or only provider of many medical services. For a geographically, ethnically, and economically diverse patient audience, easily finding health information online is key. But until recently, there wasn’t one digital presence where patients could go to learn about all the medical services available statewide through UNM Health System.

The Big Picture

The organization, associated with the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNM HSC), maintained separate websites for UNM Hospital, UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center, UNM Medical Group, and other health care entities. Some sites had minimal information architecture and inconsistent navigational menus that could leave users feeling lost. And none of the sites referenced UNM Health System, a newly branded system encompassing a comprehensive children’s hospital, nationally recognized cancer center, neurosciences center, psychiatric centers, Level I trauma center, and more.

So the UNM HSC turned to digital marketing agency Geonetric for help unifying its web presence. The agency interviewed health system leaders to identify key audiences—who include medical professionals and all local taxpayers—and those audiences’ top tasks. The results informed a clear, consistent information architecture that makes the site easy for users to navigate and for the UNM HSC web team to manage.

Trimming the Fat

Creating a single, new website also meant an opportunity to streamline and eliminate content that was duplicated, outdated, or otherwise unhelpful to users. Our team provided a sitemap and content matrix with detailed recommendations for the content of every webpage, maintaining key information while reducing pages and files to a manageable number. We drew attention to gaps in content—especially opportunities to add information about a particular hospital’s services or amenities. Using our research and recommendations, we developed new content for most of the site that focuses on users and highlights benefits of UNM HSC.

Showing the Impact

UNM Health System’s new site includes a content section devoted to showing how the organization’s extensive education, outreach and diversity services benefit the local community. This information helped UNM Health System make its case to county voters who—just a few weeks after site launch—approved continued taxpayer funding of UNM Hospital.

Governance Guidance

But UNM Health System benefited from more than just a new website. Like any organization, it needed a strategy for managing content and preventing out-of-control growth. That’s no small task in a health system with many departments and vocal stakeholders eager to publish information that’s important to them. How could the organization address internal staffers’ needs while keeping the site focused on users?

First, Geonetric created a core strategy statement to define the site’s purpose and guide decisions about publishing content. Then, the agency worked with UNM HSC web team to develop an approach for handling content requests from internal stakeholders consistently and fairly. Since any process needs leadership’s support to survive, Geonetric made a virtual presentation to UNM Health Sciences Center executives explaining the approach.

For the UNM HSC’s newly formed web team, Geonetric wrote governance policies that covered team roles, responsibilities and workflows. The agency also provided training on writing for the web and information on using Google Analytics to help prepare the health system to manage its new content long-term.

A New Site Built to Last

The new site improved the user experience by getting rid of excess pages, streamlining navigation, and adding fresh, user-focused content. The governance plan will keep the site focused on serving New Mexico communities for years to come.

Unified Web Presence Introduces System’s New Brand