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Benefit Health Website

Interactive websites that connect with visitors

Join leading hospitals and health systems across the nation by partnering with Geonetric for your hospital website. You'll get a website that helps your current and prospective patients while meeting your organizational goals. This includes:

  • A responsive design optimized for every device
  • Quality content that connects with visitors and promotes a healthy community
  • A high performance website that fills your waiting rooms, event rosters and physician schedules

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Design — Optimized for hospitals

Benefit Health Website

A hospital website needs to do more than just look nice. When you work with Geonetric, your website can:

  • Reflect your brand online by showing what makes you unique in the market
  • Improve your bottom line by attracting visitors, filling your waiting rooms and physician schedules
  • Help visitors complete their top tasks with an outstanding user experience and a responsive design that works across all devices
  • Earn national recognition with awards for a website, design and content admired by your peers

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Hosting — Focused on uptime so you don't have to

99 Percent Uptime

Invest your time in attracting site visitors and meeting your goals. We've got the technology stack covered. With VitalSite hosting you benefit from:

  • Redundant data centers that keep your website online, even during Internet outages, natural disasters and equipment failures
  • IT engineers devoted entirely to ensuring the equipment, software and infrastructure used to host your hospital website is up to date, tuned for performance and hardened against attack
  • Service Level Agreements that guarantee uptime and support response times

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Process — Built for a stress-free website launch


We start with a meeting to celebrate the start of your project. You'll meet us and we'll meet you. We'll discuss processes and expectations so that you know what to expect.


You'll share information — such as branding standards and strategic goals — that will ensure we build a website that's unique to your organization.

Content Strategy

We’ll discuss visitor behaviors and create an architecture and site structure that meets both site visitor goals and business needs.


VitalSite is easy to use, but it requires a little training. You’ll learn how to use all of our modules and features. And you’ll develop the expertise to help train others on your team as needed.


Your site needs to work on multiple devices. Our designers will create a responsive design that coordinates with your brand, site strategy and information architecture.


We’ll create and test the site templates in VitalSite, so they’re ready as you finish writing content. And if you need help with content production or placement, we have resources to support you.


The launch of your site is easy and stress-free. Most of the work is done before launch, so getting your site up and running actually only takes a couple of hours.


Our partnership extends beyond launch. You'll enjoy regular status updates to measure your online efforts and help you continually meet your goals.

Online Strategy — Planned to continuously deliver value

When you partner with Geonetric, you get more than just a website. You benefit from:

  • Client Advisors (CAs) provide your support, daily guidance and regular updates on how your site is performing against your business goals. In addition, CAs also draw on a strong project management background that keeps ongoing work on track and you informed of progress.
  • Stat Analysts provide you with critical insights on your website every quarter. You'll learn what's working well, what's holding you back, and where to focus your attention so that you can exceed your goals in the next quarter.
  • Experts in design, writing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization and marketing for healthcare are at your service. You'll have access to experienced specialists to help you with your projects, PPC campaigns, search engine marketing, physician promotion, service line marketing, content production and more.

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