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Is It Time for a Redesign?

Not sure the time is right? This guide provides some ideas to consider.

Chances are a lot has changed since the last time you redesigned your organization’s website. Most healthcare organizations redesign every three to four years. Recently, the push to go responsive triggered a number of prominent redesigns in our industry. Since then most brands have followed suit. But even if you’ve gone responsive, there are many reasons a redesign might still be in your future.

A website redesign offers your organization the opportunity to improve your online brand image, engage and connect with site visitors and put them on a path to conversion.

This white paper will help you determine if it’s time to redesign your website. Download it today, and learn:

  • Insights into how your website supports — or hinders — the patient journey
  • How to evaluate your current site’s user experience and see if a redesign could improve conversions
  • The pros and cons of moving to a system-level site structure
  • How a redesign can enhance the experience for your mobile users
  • The top reasons most healthcare organizations redesign
  • The cost considerations of a redesign
  • How to prepare ready for a redesign

Looking for redesign inspiration? Check out our design portfolio and see how organizations just like yours are creating the best possible user experience.

Download our White Paper

Is It Time for a Redesign?