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Is It Time for a Redesign?

Not sure the time is right? This guide provides some ideas to consider.

Chances are a lot has changed since the last time you redesigned your organization’s website or switched your content management system (CMS). Recently, the push to go responsive triggered a number of prominent redesigns in our industry and most healthcare brands have followed suit. But even if you’ve gone responsive, there are many reasons a redesign might still be in your future.

What pushes most organizations into a redesign? That answer varies greatly. It could be for internal reasons, like a brand change or an acquisition. Or, you’ve simply realized that your current site isn’t delivering value anymore.

Regardless of what is driving change, a website redesign offers your organization the opportunity to improve your online brand image, engage and connect with site visitors, and put them on a path to conversion. This guide will help you determine if it’s time to redesign your website and how to get started if a new CMS is in your future. Download it today, and learn:

  • Common redesign triggers
  • The ins and outs of your website’s lifecycle
  • How to navigate the current CMS landscape
  • Why you should use a CMS to manage content
  • What to consider in a CMS beyond content management, including transactional, personalization, and optimization considerations
  • And more

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    Is It Time for a Redesign?