Redesign Roundtable: When Should Your Organization Consider a Full Site Redesign?

When is the right time to consider a redesign?

It’s easy to see the benefits of a new site: a fresh look, new functionality, and a better UX. However, the key factors that lead to reimagining your site experience are not always as clear. Join us for a special redesign roundtable featuring experts in UX design, UX content strategy, search engine optimization and UX research as they discuss the signs that a website is no longer living up to its full user and business potential.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:


Understand leading KPIs that a full redesign is necessary


Build a case internally by using evidence to make data-driven decisions


Identify when to make iterative changes rather than launch a new site


Lindsey Steinkamp

Sr. UX Researcher

Lindsey uses her diverse background in design, user experience, search engine optimization and digital strategy to help healthcare organizations achieve their goals. As a senior UX researcher at Geonetric, she systematically studies target users and digital patient journeys to collect and analyze data to informs opportunities for improving the overall experience. Lindsey helps complex organizations, such as multi-state health systems and academic medical centers, enhance digital experiences and improve the ROI on digital investments.

Emmery Betzer

Sr. Web Designer and Developer

As a senior web designer and developer at Geonetric, Emmery blends technical know-how with a keen sense of style to help clients meet core objectives and push their brands forward. Between new implementation and redesign projects you might find her researching new and emerging design trends or brainstorming ways to streamline the iterative design process. When she’s not behind the keyboard, Emmery likes to recharge and find inspiration in the natural world — hiking, biking, and camping in places like Hawaii and Utah — or through hands-on home renovation projects. Emmery holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Iowa State University in graphic design with an emphasis in website programming.

Elizabeth Boenish

Web Content Strategist & Writer

A former healthcare marketer at a large health system, Elizabeth is passionate about helping people make educated decisions about their care. At Geonetric, Elizabeth creates and structures content that follows writing for the web best practices, aligns with organizational goals, and meets the needs of your community. Elizabeth has worked with healthcare systems across the country, including Virginia Hospital Center, PIH Health, Olmsted Medical Center, and UNC Health. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Mt. Mercy University.

Michael Leonard

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Michael is an experienced digital strategist with skills in multiple aspects of SEO, SEM, keyword discovery, and content creation. His varied history includes helping traditional publishing companies make the transition to digital-focused and helped some of the most prestigious universities in the country build acquisition strategies through social media, display advertising, and content strategy. As a Senior Marketing Strategist, Michael helps health systems of all sizes increase their market share. He holds an associate’s degree in arts from Kirkwood Community College and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Iowa.