Optimizing Women’s Health Promotion

Olmsted Medical Center
Rochester, Minnesota
2 minute read

Improved search-engine rankings lead to more appointment requests.


Promote a hospital expansion that enhances specialized care for women.


Keyword research followed by content editing and restructuring to make it easier for users to find highly sought-out information.


Of 23 targeted keywords, 20 saw impressive improvement: 14 moved into the top 10 Google search results, and six moved into the top three.

“After three months of Geonetric’s SEO work, we were truly amazed by the results. Our organization’s strategic marketing committee was very impressed at the outcomes we saw as a return on OMC’s investment, and our Ob/Gyn nurse supervisor is reporting substantial increases in new patient appointment requests due to her service’s higher visibility online.”

Former Communication and Web Service Coordinator
Olmsted Medical Center

With a new Women’s Health Pavilion opening soon, Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) engaged in a search engine optimization project to help increase the visibility of its women’s services among health consumers in Rochester, MN, and surrounding communities. Now the new complex – complete with a new Birth Center – and the new Women’s Health Services section of the website are both getting lots of attention.

Armed with Analysis

Uncovering search patterns, interpreting searcher intent, and analyzing how users search for women’s health services in OMC’s geographical area were key to the project’s success. Armed with keyword and user analysis, the Geonetric team restructured the women’s health section to ensure all pertinent service-line content was in the same place and would be easy for site visitors to find. Because some information was missing or outdated, it was important to optimize the content for keywords and web-writing best practices.

Focus on Differentiators

As part of the content restructuring, a new women’s health landing page illustrates OMC’s expanded services and focus on delivering exceptional healthcare. The page explains why women should choose OMC for health services throughout all the stages of life. It’s also the perfect place to tell site visitors about OMC’s differentiators and lead users to the content they need in the section.

Create User-Focused Content

All of the content in the women’s health section was written or edited to align with users’ search patterns. Keyword research guided development of page titles, descriptions, link text and body copy. The copy adopts a friendly tone, drawing readers in and encouraging them to learn more about the services OMC offers.

Update the Virtual Road Map

Geonetric redirected all old URLs to the new pages so search engines and link followers arrive without issue. To further help Google re-index the content section and begin ranking the new pages more highly, Geonetric submitted the new content section to the search engine via Search Console for recrawling.

Optimizing Women’s Health Promotion