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How to Promote Providers to Today’s Connected Health Consumers

Download this updated guide and learn everything you need to know to create an effective physician marketing strategy.

Since this popular guide’s original publication in 2014, the healthcare landscape has evolved. Patients are increasingly more informed about and more connected to their healthcare options, with 84 percent viewing digital solutions as the most effective way to search for a doctor. The healthcare industry and provider setting are both also evolving, shifting the way healthcare marketers engage with consumers and market providers.

In this new edition of our eBook, you’ll learn about the impact of healthcare consumerism on the changing provider landscape. You’ll discover current, new, and emerging promotion tactics and what they mean for your marketing mix. You’ll also learn actionable tips for using the web to successfully promote your providers and see examples of successful online provider promotion techniques that healthcare organizations are currently using.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Capture, prioritize, and communicate the goals of your physician (and other provider) promotion efforts
  • Understand the steps patients go through to choose providers
  • Develop and implement effective tactics for driving qualified visitors to your physician profiles
  • Create effective physician profiles that convert visitors into patients

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How to Promote Providers to Today’s Connected Health Consumers