Health Center Increases Appointment Openings to Accommodate PPC Success

Pella Regional Health Center
Pella, Iowa
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Effective tactics create demand for a new lung screening.


Pella Regional Health Center began offering a lung cancer screening and wanted to fill their appointment books.


Geonetric built and optimized display and text ads throughout a five-month campaign.


The results exceeded expectations, requiring Pella Regional to offer appointments on an extra day each week.


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“The campaign exceeded our expectations almost immediately. Then, as Geonetric made improvements over time, we found we had even more positive results. It was exciting to see how successful a PPC campaign can be with the right subject matter.”

Former Director of Marketing
Pella Regional Health Center

Pella Regional Health Center launched a lung cancer screening, and the marketing team needed to generate appointments. They partnered with our digital marketing team for a five-month PPC campaign.


We started with a kickoff call to discuss their goals and set the campaign strategy. The lung screening is a differentiator for Pella Regional because it’s offered by only a few other hospitals in the area. The target audience for the screening is people between age 55 and 80 who lived within driving distance. To reach their audience online, we chose to use display ads on Google and text ads on Google and Bing.


For the text ads, we developed user-focused copy that highlighted the benefits of the screening. We wrote some ads as a statement and others as a question to test which would perform better. We also added Google Ad extensions, including a call extension, location extension, and a few callout extensions.

For the display ads, we created two concepts. The first was a real-life picture targeted to current or former smokers. The other ad was an animated GIF, showing a pair of lungs expanding and contracting.

Three of the display ads from the campaign. The top one says, "Worried About Lung Cancer?" and has the Pella Regional logo with the image of someone breaking a cigarette. The middle ad looks the same except the copy is, "Get A Free Lung Screening." The bottom ad has the Pella Regional logo, a picture of lungs, and says "Catch Cancer Early" with a CTA that says "Learn More."


We implemented text ads on Google and Bing. We also launched display ads through Google AdWords.


Our team used heat mapping to track the success of the landing page. Throughout the campaign, we saw they were getting more mobile visitors, but the CTA was appearing at the bottom of the page in mobile phones. We recommended moving the CTA to the top to capture more conversions.


For the display ads, we tested the picture of a man breaking a cigarette against the GIF of lungs expanding and contracting. The picture was more successful, bringing in more clicks.

For text ads, we found that questions were most successful in both Google and Bing. Over the course of the campaign, we transitioned to using more questions in the ad copy.


Within the first couple of months, Pella Regional got more appointment requests than appointment openings. To accommodate the requests, they performed screenings an additional day each week. And we achieved these results while keeping the ad spend below the monthly campaign budget.

In addition to exceeding the main goal, the campaign helped increase the brand awareness by creating over one million ad impressions in the last month alone. The medical imaging team was pleased with the results, which led to more follow-up appointments with Pella Regional’s pulmonologist for abnormal screenings.

Health Center Increases Appointment Openings to Accommodate PPC Success