The State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare in 2021

These are just a few of the insights you’ll learn in the 2021 Digital Healthcare Marketing Trends Survey results. As you navigate digital marketing post-pandemic, the results of this survey will shed light on how COVID-19 impacted everything from digital transformation efforts to telehealth adoption to digital ad spend. Plus, it has all the key staffing, budgeting, and website benchmarking data you’ve come to rely on.

Tips to Improve Underperforming Provider Directories

If your Find-a-doctor functionality isn’t easy to search, engaging and focused on conversions, you are missing a big opportunity. Watch now to learn if your directory is underperforming and how to make changes that will ensure this critical functionality is improving patient acquisition.

What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know About Core Web Vitals

Focused on your site’s loading speeds and interactivity, the update aims to ensure page performance is a key ranking signal. Tune in to this webinar and learn how recent changes could impact your SEO strategy. You’ll walk away with tips for how to audit your site for Core Web Vitals compliance and prioritize what fixes need attention – protecting your hard-earned rankings today and in the future.

Behind the Scenes of Successful Healthcare Content Marketing

When done well, it can help you build brand awareness and loyalty ahead of critical healthcare decisions. Join us for this webinar and learn how to leverage the right strategies for your content marketing plan, from research to writing and promoting. You’ll walk away with ideas and strategies to create content your audience wants to engage with.

Web Content Management: Trends that Matter for Healthcare

Finding a platform that will support both the user experience needs of today and the complex digital transformation efforts of tomorrow isn’t easy. Join us for this webinar and learn the state of website management technology inside and outside of healthcare. You’ll walk away with the insight you need to find the right path for your hospital or health system.

Healthcare Web Writing in a Post-pandemic World

Attend a free webinar that offers an overview of the mechanics and art of writing compelling content for healthcare consumers. Well-written content that answers user questions and helps them complete tasks is essential to a successful digital strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the importance of clear, actionable, consumer-friendly content that not only meets your organizational goals and stands out from competitors and market disruptors — but also helps improve health outcomes.

VitalSite Demo: Helping You Put Digital First

Join other healthcare marketers for this live demo and see the different ways VitalSite can help you create marketing results. This 30-minute session is packed with best practices and examples of how leading organizations are using VitalSite to manage their website, support marketing campaigns, promote providers and increase volume for their services.

Do More with Healthcare Digital Advertising

But achieving true success can be elusive. Too often healthcare organizations are paying for keywords they are already getting organically, or reporting on success metrics that just don’t move the revenue needle.

Join Geonetric pros Tim Lane, Director, Digital Marketing, and Joe Dreshar, Digital Marketing Strategist, and learn how to take a holistic approach to paid search and SEO to make sure your efforts are working in tandem. They’ll cover why healthcare is unique when it comes to paid efforts, and why the nuances around how search engines respond to searches to conditions and treatments matter to the campaigns you’re running today. You’ll also learn how to take your tracking to a new level, from custom campaign tracking to optimization tactics to tying efforts together across disparate MarTech stacks.

2021 Digital Trends & the Impact of COVID-19

Join thought leaders Ben Dillon and David Sturtz for this webinar and learn healthcare digital marketing predictions for 2021 and how COVID-19 has either accelerated or reduced momentum around initiatives.

From the digital domination of hospital marketing spend to what do with pent up demand and the effects of delayed care on your community, you’ll walk away with ideas on how to better prepare and succeed in 2021.

Support Your COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts with Your Marketing Strategy

Local health systems have a major role to play in not only providing Coronavirus vaccinations but also in combatting misinformation. In May, the Associated Press and the University of Chicago released a study showing that 50% of Americans were either hesitant or unwilling to take a COVID-19 vaccine. Couple that with the fact that Americans trust their local healthcare organizations more than ever before, and your hospital is poised to be a key player in answering your community’s top vaccine-related concerns.

Join David Sturtz, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, along with experts Stella Hart, Web Content Strategist & Writer, and Tim Lane, Director, Digital Marketing, for a timely discussion to help your marketing team hit the ground running. You’ll walk away with expert advice on battling general mistrust around COVID-19 and vaccinations and effectively sharing accurate information with your community.

Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Develop the most effective messaging for your target audiences, including internal
  • Keep empathy at the forefront of your vaccine-related messaging
  • Write compelling web content and FAQs to aid site visitors in vaccine research
  • Identify different communication vehicles and channels to reach different audiences, including blogs, email newsletters, and social media
  • Utilize organic and paid search to connect with health consumers and get answers to them when they need it most