Increase ROI With a Holistic Digital Advertising Approach

Developing an integrated digital marketing strategy involves understanding all aspects of the consumer funnel because each digital channel and tactic provides unique benefits at different points in the user journey. In this webinar we highlight how paid search, search engine optimization and business listings help you own all aspects of a search engine results page when all are considered equally.

Craft Your Organization’s Digital Front Door Strategy With Results From the 2022 Consumer Health Survey

Geonetric’s 2022 Consumer Health Survey Report helps healthcare marketers like you get new insights and see where you need to invest to stay competitive in 2023. This research is part of an ongoing initiative to better understand the preferences and perceptions of health consumers relating to their use of technology throughout the healthcare journey.

Consumerism has been a growing force within healthcare and healthcare providers are under more pressure than ever to meet the expectations of health consumers. At the same time, health consumers have a growing array of care options, many of which are digital or have digital components.

As healthcare systems work to craft their digital front door strategies, this information should help you address consumer desires and meet them where they want you to be.

Personalization Strategy for Healthcare

Consumers increasingly value their experience with a brand as much as the products and services themselves. And with brand loyalty seeming to have disappeared, it’s more critical than ever to create targeted, personal experiences that boost the results of your marketing efforts.

However, for healthcare marketers personalization can seem like an overwhelming topic. Sensitive topics and privacy concerns can add friction to the process. And it can be difficult to implement and operationalize the conversion points that tell a digital marketer what success looks like.

Whether you’re considering your first steps into personalization or are experiencing challenges further along your personalization journey, this webinar will give structure to the various approaches to personalization and demonstrate how to identify the tactics that have the most potential to deliver value.

Avoiding the Data Drop-off: Achieving Meaningful Measurement in Healthcare

In this webinar, we will share common hurdles to measuring ROI in healthcare and how your organization can identify the logical next steps you can take to close those gaps and achieve meaningful measurement. You’ll get a data-driven look into the patient journey conversion funnel and learn new insight into connecting data pipelines. We will also cover the new hot topic of how to ensure your health system isn’t impacted by the Meta pixel’s invasive tracking practices.

Time for a New Web Partner: Planning for Change

It’s a project most healthcare marketers will only encounter a few times in their career. With more than twenty years’ experience launching hundreds of healthcare websites, we’ve seen it all — from the emergency “lift-and-shift” to a “burn the house down” approach. And while there’s usually time to plan, sometimes that’s not the case.

Whether you’re planning to change platforms or partners this year — or you want to be prepared for the unexpected — this webinar will shine a light on common blind spots and provide guidance for a successful relaunch.

Redesign Roundtable: When Should Your Organization Consider a Full Site Redesign?

It’s easy to see the benefits of a new site: a fresh look, new functionality, and a better UX. However, the key factors that lead to reimagining your site experience are not always as clear. Join us for a special redesign roundtable featuring experts in UX design, UX content strategy, search engine optimization and UX research as they discuss the signs that a website is no longer living up to its full user and business potential.

Balancing Local Care and System Strengths: Finding Success with a Unified UX

Most health systems have shifted to a UX strategy focused on a single, unified site. But for many, the ongoing challenges of balancing competing interests and responding to organizational changes threaten to derail the user experience.

How do you represent a complex organization on the web in a way that creates good user experiences and supports business goals? That’s no easy task and there’s no set playbook to follow. But there is a common path to arriving at your right answer: Your target audiences. When you put their expectations, preferences, and needs at the center of your strategy, you’ll create an effective, meaningful user experience that drives your organization forward.

Join a team user experience, content strategy and search engine optimization experts from Geonetric and learn the steps you can take to determine the best way to present your brand—and everything that lives within it—online.

Top Trends in Reimagining the Healthcare Digital Experience

Healthcare organizations across the country are looking for new ways to be more consumer-focused, create new competitive differentiation, drive loyalty and produce real business value. Digital transformation provides an opportunity to rethink your digital experience strategy and build a new approach to engaging consumers. For many, that means building a vision for a digital front door. Join Geonetric’s Ben Dillon, chief strategy officer, and David Sturtz, vice president, experience strategy, to learn what trends and opportunities they predict should be at the core of your digital experience strategy for 2022.

Content Governance: How to Get Control of Your Healthcare Content

Trying to manage competing website requests from stakeholders? Content governance. Wishing there were an easier way to find files in your digital asset management (DAM) system? Content governance. Wondering whether there are virtual cobwebs on some of your service line pages? You got it, content governance. Join Geonetric to discover ways to better understand and manage the processes around creating, publishing, and maintaining high-quality website content that aligns with your brand and digital strategy.

How to Build an Engaging, Effective Healthcare Intranet

Watch the video above and learn why intranet performance is more important than ever. You’ll see how Avera Health reinvented digital employee communications for their 20,000 employees spread across 37 hospitals. Avera marketing team members Jamey Zerr and Stacy Neubeck will share how they used stakeholder input to guide content strategy and design, ensuring the new intranet delivered access to critical information and engaging content.