2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey: Academic Medical Center Edition

Geonetric’s annual collaboration with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends delivers the most comprehensive look at the digital evolution of healthcare organizations available. Now, we’ve done a deep dive into the data provided from AMCs so you can better understand your unique opportunities and challenges.

Use this planning tool to learn how AMCs are:

  • Approaching staffing – now and for the future
  • Investing in digital as a part of the marketing budget
  • Attacking challenges unique to complex organizations like AMCs
  • Planning for redesigns
  • Tackling business listing management
  • And more

    2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends eBook Results

    The 9th edition of Geonetric’s Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey is an indispensable resource. It will give you an inside view based on data from over 300 organizations — more than 260 hospitals and health systems and more than 40 agency partners — who responded to the 2019 edition of the survey, the largest ever.

    Geonetric’s annual collaboration with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends delivers the most comprehensive look at the digital evolution of healthcare organizations available.

    New this year, Geonetric incorporated feedback from multi-year survey takers who confirmed that this data is a “must have” planning tool for all healthcare digital marketers. And, unlike other survey results on the market, our distinct benchmarking method lets you see how leading organizations plan, budget, and execute differently from their counterparts as well as gain interesting perspectives from your agency partners.

      Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends: Website Design & User Experience

      Download the eBook today and learn the latest in marketing technology trends, including:

      • WordPress is cited as the most used CMS.
      • Half of all respondents are either in the planning stages for a redesign or have a redesign in progress.
      • Improving the overall user experience (UX) is far and away the primary motivator for organizations to redesign their website, but the continuing influence of mobile and changes to organizations’ brands are also significant factors.
      • While personalization of the web experience is gaining momentum, the average respondent is employing very few personalization methods today.

        Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends: Teams

        Download the eBook today and learn insights, such as:

        • While teams average nearly 13 FTEs for leaders, more than six for average, and nearly four for laggards, the distribution of team size is more complicated. Median team sizes are only four for leaders, three for average, and two for laggards.
        • Relative to their team sizes, leaders invest particularly heavily on staff for strategy and analytics and more lightly in social media, SEO, and copywriting.
        • Across all organizations, content development and analytics/CRM administration are the highest predicted growth areas.
        • The areas most often completely outsourced are web development, web design, and video production.

          Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends: Strategy

          Download the eBook today and learn the latest trends in digital strategy, including:

          • Across all organizations, increased new patient recruitment, increased consumer awareness and engagement, and delivering a positive return on investment (ROI) are the top digital goals.
          • The three areas organizations are most able to demonstrate the impact of digital marketing efforts are through improved consumer awareness, improved consumer engagement, and improved community relations.
          • Leaders clearly outpace average and laggard organizations in their use of real-time marketing dashboards.
          • Leaders see the inability to support online transactions with offline operations as a much bigger concern than other organizations.

            Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends: Budgets

            Download the eBook today and learn insights, such as:

            • Median annual digital marketing investments are between $50,000 and $300,000, while a few outliers pull the average annual investments much higher.
            • Leaders outspend their counterparts, with 13% of leaders spending more than $1 million on digital marketing annually.
            • Overall, 59% of respondents expect their digital marketing budgets to increase in the next 12 months, with only 5% expecting a decrease in digital budgets.
            • More than half (54%) of digital budgets are growing in organizations where overall budgets are remaining the same, continuing the trend from previous years of investments shifting from traditional to digital.

              2018 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey

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              • Learn what healthcare marketing leaders said were their top goals and challenges in 2018
              • Better understand the state of digital marketing in healthcare in 2018, and how it’s shaping today’s landscape
              • Benchmark your organization – where you were in 2018 and where you are today

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              See the data from over 300 organizations — more than 260 hospitals and health systems and more than 40 agency partners — who responded to the 2019 edition of the survey, the largest ever.

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              Physician Marketing: How to Promote Providers to Today’s Connected Health Consumers

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              In this new edition, you’ll learn about the impact of healthcare consumerism on the changing provider landscape. You’ll discover current, new, and emerging promotion tactics and what they mean for your marketing mix. You’ll also learn actionable tips for using the web to successfully promote your providers and see examples of successful online provider promotion techniques that healthcare organizations are currently using.

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