Reimagining the Digital Healthcare Experience

Healthcare has traditionally been optimized for the operations of the provider organization and the demands of payers. But future success requires a monumental shift and a new laser focus on supporting consumers in their healthcare journeys.

As a result, many healthcare organizations are reimagining their view of the digital experience and are building a true digital front door. To make it happen will require bold change and rethinking every digital encounter.

Download this eBook and get insightful guidance on building your digital front door, including how to:

  • Reimagine the digital experience and create a truly user-centered view of the healthcare experience as it exists today – and the experience people want in the future
  • Support patients and consumers in a personal, seamless way that makes communication consistent, enables self-service and prevents abandonment
  • Improve performance through data-driven operational changes across the enterprise
  • Reap the rewards in terms of patient acquisition, retention, and lifetime value


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Applying a Consumer-first Lens to Your Healthcare Brand Architecture White Paper

Download this whitepaper on the importance of a consumer-first silo-systemization strategy and the common challenges it can help solve for hospitals and health systems of all sizes. You’ll learn tips for how to present your primary brand, sub-brands, and everything else your organization offers, including locations, services, and providers.

You’ll learn:

  • Tactics to understand your target audiences so they can find your organization online and enjoy a positive experience during digital touchpoints
  • Guidance to create your strategy—including when content silos are the right choice to represent your brand(s) online
  • When you should tear silos down and apply your system strategy to promote your services and locations


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Download the 2021 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends eBook

The last 18 months forced healthcare marketers to rethink digital touchpoints. New questions in the survey this year answer what impact the pandemic has had on accelerating digital transformation efforts and how organizations are scaling everything from telehealth to personalization.

Looking to hire, fight for more budget or get that redesign you’ve been wanting? The data in this survey will help you benchmark your team size, budget, goals and redesign cycle against peers. You’ll be armed with the data you need to budget and plan with confidence.


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Path to Personalization

Yet, many healthcare systems have not fully embraced the strategy. That’s because going from vision to reality can be challenging. But with the majority of audiences feeling like a number in the ever-crowding digital space, being able to provide personal, engaging interactions can be a real differentiator.

Download this eBook and get insights into how take a personalization approach and apply it to your website.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Establish your personalization objectives
  • Define audience segments
  • Map the customer journey
  • Create workflows
  • Tie personalization to core business strategies


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Web Writing for Healthcare

All your top content questions are answered in this eBook. You’ll learn the fundamentals of writing good content for the web and how to develop a successful content marketing strategy. You also benefit from updated insight given that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted expectations of healthcare marketing.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define voice and tone
  • Attract new website visitors
  • Tell your story and build relationships
  • Lead visitors to take the next step
  • Promote your services
  • Manage content with inventories and audits
  • Structure information architecture
  • Leverage the right call to action


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Healthcare Website Design Portfolio

You can have a hospital website that achieves an amazing user experience and embraces the latest trends in design. Download this eBook and see examples of how healthcare organizations like yours:

  • Build designs that cater to new technologies and mobile devices
  • Tell their brand story with the latest design trends
  • Keep user experience top of mind at all times, while still executing award-winning and eye-catching designs

Want to see more? Be sure to check out our latest design case studies.


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2020 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey

Created in partnership with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, this research helps healthcare marketers:

  • Benchmark your organization against almost 200 of your peers
  • Get the data you need to make decisions
  • See how digital leaders in healthcare invest differently in everything from staff to tactics


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2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey: Academic Medical Center Edition

Geonetric’s annual collaboration with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends delivers the most comprehensive look at the digital evolution of healthcare organizations available. Now, we’ve done a deep dive into the data provided from AMCs so you can better understand your unique opportunities and challenges.

Use this planning tool to learn how AMCs are:

  • Approaching staffing – now and for the future
  • Investing in digital as a part of the marketing budget
  • Attacking challenges unique to complex organizations like AMCs
  • Planning for redesigns
  • Tackling business listing management
  • And more

    2019 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends eBook Results

    The 9th edition of Geonetric’s Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey is an indispensable resource. It will give you an inside view based on data from over 300 organizations — more than 260 hospitals and health systems and more than 40 agency partners — who responded to the 2019 edition of the survey, the largest ever.

    Geonetric’s annual collaboration with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends delivers the most comprehensive look at the digital evolution of healthcare organizations available.

    New this year, Geonetric incorporated feedback from multi-year survey takers who confirmed that this data is a “must have” planning tool for all healthcare digital marketers. And, unlike other survey results on the market, our distinct benchmarking method lets you see how leading organizations plan, budget, and execute differently from their counterparts as well as gain interesting perspectives from your agency partners.

      Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends: Website Design & User Experience

      Download the eBook today and learn the latest in marketing technology trends, including:

      • WordPress is cited as the most used CMS.
      • Half of all respondents are either in the planning stages for a redesign or have a redesign in progress.
      • Improving the overall user experience (UX) is far and away the primary motivator for organizations to redesign their website, but the continuing influence of mobile and changes to organizations’ brands are also significant factors.
      • While personalization of the web experience is gaining momentum, the average respondent is employing very few personalization methods today.