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Web Content Strategy for Medical Groups

Make your medical group's website more valuable to users—and easier for you to manage.

Primary care practices often introduce a patient to your health system. Ensure those practices’ online presence does the same consistently and effectively.

The front door to your healthcare organization is not your flagship hospital. It’s not your emergency room or your wellness center. It’s not your most well-known community event. Your front door—the place most of your patients first and most regularly experience your brand—is your primary care practices.

Your primary care practices tell a patient who you are. They display your logo, advertise your network and demonstrate your brand values. They make referrals to other specialists in your organization. From your primary care practices, all roads lead directly into your network.

Why not create the same experience online? Why not coordinate the efforts, messages, and visual designs across not only your hospitals, but also your medical groups? Why not make those same connections on the web that your physicians are already making in real life?

Make Connections on the Web

It makes sense to broaden your reach by having physical locations conveniently spread across your service area. But in a non-tangible space, like the web, it’s more convenient—and more effective— to aggregate all your “locations.”

When you coordinate your medical group and system-level websites, site visitors benefit from a central place to find all the information they need. Your physicians benefit from the strength and resources of your brand.

And you, as a healthcare marketer, have a web presence that’s easier to manage—especially with a healthcare-specific CMS like VitalSite that dynamically displays relevant information where patients want it and need it.

The end result? Your site visitors increasingly become engaged members of your health network.

A Case Study: Cone Health and Cone Health Medical Group

Cone Health and Cone Health Medical Group in North Carolina made the commitment to create coordinated, interrelated websites that provide their audiences with the right information, at the right place, at the right time.

To learn about their efforts to create a medical group website that builds and enhances relationships between patients and providers, view our webinar Website Strategy & Content for Medical Groups.

You’ll find out how a strategic approach to content structure and patient-focused content development helped Cone Health overcome organizational challenges to create a unified, distinctive web presence for more than 100 front doors to their organizations.

Web Content Strategy for Medical Groups