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7 Healthcare Content Marketing Hubs We Love

Get some inspiration for your content marketing hub by checking out a few of our favorites!

Whether you’re a newcomer to content marketing or a seasoned pro, it’s always good to see what’s working well across the healthcare industry. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered seven of our favorites from organizations of all sizes.

#1 University Health’s HealthFocus

With a streamlined navigation that allows users to filter stories by topics or services, University Health’s content marketing hub draws you in quickly. Whether you’re looking for stories related to a specific service or a topic, or want to search by keyword, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Their unique patient stories catch your eye with engaging photos of real people. Those photos are given center stage with the photo-heavy design of this hub. They also seamlessly integrate graphics and visuals in their articles and stories.

University Health also has a sophisticated cross-linking strategy with providers, locations, and service lines. That allows users the option to explore more in-depth without getting to in the weeds and distracting from the topic at hand.

#2 Northwell’s The Well

Northwell’s fun approach to content marketing takes their hub to the next level. Sometimes funny, always engaging headlines paired with unexpected visuals make the content hub fun to scroll and entice you to dive deeper.

Northwell doesn’t shy away from less traditional topics, with their content hub featuring everything from ingrown hairs to boogers. They even touched on marijuana safety when their home state of New York voted to legalize it for recreational use.

This straightforward approach can pay off. Patients are talking about these topics, whether or not you are. If you give them helpful and engaging information, they’re more likely to share with their friends and family, but they also might remember you when it comes time for their care. It’s clear that this approach is drawing readers. A glance at their trending filter shows that articles on marijuana, weight gain, and bodily functions are resonating with their readers.

#3 North Mississippi Health Services’ Connect

A nice blend of timely and timeless topics, North Mississippi Health Services’ content marketing hub, Connect, is updated regularly and hits a wide variety of topics.

While the name is a play on their tagline (“What connected feels like®”), it is fitting for a variety of reasons. For example, most articles are written by clinicians, so they can address questions they hear frequently and provide the information their community needs.

North Mississippi Health Services offers filtering by topics and services, and they also have a hub-specific search, making it easy to find information on the topic you want to read about. They also make their articles easily shareable across all social platforms, as well as through email and ability to print.

#4 Adventist HealthCare’s Living Well

An eye-catching header with easy-to-access filtering helps make the Adventist HealthCare content marketing hub easy to navigate. With a mix of topics, from recipes to giving birth during a pandemic, Adventist HealthCare does a great job of addressing the needs of their communities.

Adventist HealthCare also does a nice job including links to relevant service lines and including CTAs on their posts, so if you’re interested in exploring a service after reading something, it’s intuitive and easy.

Read the full case study on this content marketing hub and see some of the impressive results.

#5 Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials

It isn’t a roundup of content marketing hubs without a mention of Cleveland Clinic. This hub is renowned, even beyond the healthcare industry, and there’s a lot to learn from their approach. Cleveland Clinic hits on relevant topics in a timely manner, allowing them to lead the charge on topics that healthcare consumers care most about.

We also love the section devoted to COVID-19-related articles. COVID-19 is still very timely and developing, so featuring it makes sense, and they’re still creating fresh content to inform their site visitors.

#6 ProHealth Care’s Healthy Directions

Impactful visuals make ProHealth Care’s Healthy Directions engaging to scroll and click through. With a variety of topics and audiences, it can be tricky to find engaging photos that connect with your headlines, but ProHealth Care makes it look easy.

The opportunity to share natively once again stands out for ProHealth Care. Once again, hub-specific search helps you find the topics that interest you most. ProHealth Care’s content tackles popular topics, like the Mediterranean diet and gardening. And share functionality on every page makes it easy for users to email a favorite article or post it to a social media site.

#7 Johnson & Johnson

With a focus on topics that matter for both their brand and their customer base, Johnson & Johnson has an interesting perspective when it comes to content marketing. They have been leveraging their spot as one of the vaccine providers in the U.S. to up their content marketing game, especially around COVID-19.

In fact, Johnson & Johnson has several distinct hubs, all linked from the main one. While it may not be as intuitive of an approach as having filtering, for a group like Johnson & Johnson – who has extremely different audiences – it makes sense. This approach allows healthcare consumers to go directly to health and wellness or COVID-19 content, while shareholders can choose an experience that targets their interests and concerns.

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7 Healthcare Content Marketing Hubs We Love