CMS Solution Supports Evolving Health System

When Gundersen Health System, a physician-led, not-for-profit healthcare system, set out to overhaul their web presence, their top priority was finding the right content management system (CMS). The integrated system serves patients in 19 counties across three states and over the years had amassed multiple microsites in addition to the organization’s main web presence.

Wanting to present a more system-centric brand in the market, Gundersen needed a CMS that could help them consolidate regional locations and allow the team to more effectively control branding, content and calls to action. In addition, they needed to connect potential patients to their growing roster of top-notch providers in a variety of ways.

The solution? Geonetric’s VitalSite CMS. The platform offers more than 30 healthcare-specific modules, directories, and capabilities that helps Gundersen promote the breadth and depth of their services and provider network. Most importantly, VitalSite provides Gundersen the flexibility and scalability they need to create, grow and manage all of their different sites on a single platform.

The Scalability an Integrated System Needs

Large, regional healthcare organizations like Gundersen require flexibility and scalability to manage a complex organization. VitalSite made it easy for Gundersen to pull in existing sites, as well as launch new microsites, all on a single platform with similar branding.

Individual hospitals in the Gundersen system that previously had their own websites are now part of the system site. VitalSite’s sophisticated locations directory gave the Gundersen team exactly what they needed to build out extensive location pages when necessary, giving flagship facilities and locations a place to tell their own story while still presenting a unified brand to site visitors.

Microsites—including Resolve Through Sharing and the Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center—have very different content and audience needs than the main, system site, so they remained microsites and received an updated design and content strategy.

The main health system site and 11 microsites were all built on the same flexible platform, making the sites easier for the Gundersen digital team to manage and improving search rankings by eliminating duplicate content.

Make Managing a Complex Site Easier

VitalSite’s sophisticated taxonomy—the intuitive system that allows content to easily be categorized, tagged, and assigned—makes it easier for the Gundersen team to manage the new, integrated site and lead site visitors on a more personalized path toward conversion.

Taxonomy is also what fuels SmartPanels, a feature of VitalSite that dynamically connects and promotes related events, providers, facilities, articles, news, services, and other content throughout the Gundersen site. SmartPanels allow the team to cross-promote services, highlight promotional content, and add important calls to action that drive visitors to convert.

Gundersen Health and Wellness Section

Connect Thousands of Patients with a Thousand Providers

Continuously ranked among the top systems in the nation, Gundersen has a remarkable network of more than 1,000 high-quality providers, many who provide outreach and telemedicine services rather than serving from a single office. VitalSite Provider Directory helps Gundersen improve access to their provider information with an impressive search that lets site visitors search by a provider’s name, location or specialty.

In addition, the team created new, custom provider profiles that display education and areas of interest, helping site visitors connect and engage with potential caregivers. Integration with National Research Corporation (NRC) stars and ratings also makes it easy for potential patients to make decisions based on ratings and reviews.

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