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Content Development

"Geonetric’s content team did an exceptional job helping us communicate the essence of our new brand and raise awareness of our clinical services. They’re skilled writers with unmatched healthcare expertise."

Terri Skitch - Digital Media Marketing Manager at PIH Health

Win the content battle with Geonetric

What’s the value of website content? It’s everything. Content educates your visitors, helps them complete tasks and motivates them to take action. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of writing and managing the content on your websites.

When you don’t have the time, healthcare expertise or resources to do the job well, call on Geonetric. Our healthcare content strategists and writers offer guidance and help you create content that delivers results.

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Checkups — Get quick and free feedback

If you lack the time or expertise to really dig into the content on one of your pages, let us do it for you. When you sign up for a Geonetric content checkup, you get a free content consultation with one of our healthcare content experts. Use your content checkup to:

  • Get expert feedback and recommendations on how to improve your content and conversions
  • Receive answers to your top Web content questions
  • Learn tips for improving your search engine optimization efforts
  • Discuss writing for the Web best practices

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Writing — Create content that connects with visitors

Content Development Writing

The secret to great content? Great writers. This may rule out your summer intern. Or the dozens of contributors who fit content writing around other commitments. You need writers versed in healthcare who speak the language of your subject matter experts. Who break down the technical stuff —fundoplication, anyone? — and make it meaningful to visitors. Who simplify the path to becoming a patient.

That’s us. With thousands of pages of healthcare content under our belts, we’re ready to help you make your website visitors glad they stopped by. We:

  • Write healthcare Web content that educates and connects with visitors
  • Migrate hospital-focused content into a system-wide site
  • Create apps, widgets, graphics and multimedia resources that inform, delight and convert consumers into patients
  • Manage blog and social content to promote your brand, physicians and expertise

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Content Strategy — Understand what you have and what you need

Image of Content Inventory

Content strategy brings order to the most tangled of content webs — those hundreds, or even thousands, of website pages. Our team helps you understand what content is on your site, how it’s performing, how to maintain it, and most importantly, where to start the process of caring for it. You’ll get:

  • A comprehensive list of all the Web pages, files and resources available on your websites
  • A qualitative assessment of your content that considers best practices, users’ needs and performance factors, such as search engine optimization and Web analytics
  • A blueprint for keeping the content on your site up to date
  • Training for writers, marketers and managers of health-related websites

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Health Library Integration — Get more value from your health library investment

Linking to health library content on your site is a great way to provide health information to site visitors. But that just scratches the surface of what you can do with your health library investment. You want your visitors to quickly find the information they need, whether you license that content or create it yourself. Geonetric’s content strategists can help you leverage your health library to:

  • Fill physician schedules, promote services and drive event registration by placing your branded information on relevant health library pages
  • Educate visitors by embedding health library content on appropriate pages of your website
  • Showcase your expertise with engaging health library content on your blogs, social media channels and other Web properties

Read more about the steps to a successful health content library integration on our blog.

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