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Get your message out, engage with your market and demonstrate your expertise with an effective content marketing strategy that features blogs. When you partner with Geonetric, you'll have the expert support and guidance you need to ensure your blogs look great, appeal to your audience and meet measurable business goals.

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CMS — A VitalSite-Powered CMS for your sites and blogs

Blogs Admin

Consolidate your blogs, websites, microsites and other Web properties in the VitalSite CMS. When you manage all your content in a central location, your healthcare blogs will benefit from:

  • Automatic promotion of related physicians, events and services on your blog posts
  • Automatic blog post promotion on related physicians, events, services and other types of content
  • Reduced training and administrative overhead when all blog and site content is managed in one CMS
  • Increased participation across your organization with approval workflows that encourage contributions while ensuring consistency and quality

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Expertise — A dedicated content marketing team

When you partner with Geonetric, your blogs benefit from a dedicated team supporting you from concept to launch. No more negotiating with your IT department for development and hosting support. No more here-today, gone-tomorrow contractors and consultants. Your partnership with Geonetric means you have a consistent team of industry experts, always at the ready:

  • Web Designers
  • Content Strategists
  • Writers and Content Developers
  • SEO Experts
  • Healthcare Marketing Experts
  • IT Professionals and Software Developers

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Legacy Blogs — Continued support for third-party blogs

Legacy blogsEnjoy ongoing support for your legacy blogs running on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other third-party blogging platforms. Even If you can't immediately migrate your blogs to VitalSite, you can continue to use, develop and extend your existing properties with the expert guidance and support available from Geonetric's content marketing team. And when you’re ready to upgrade your blog's capabilities, you'll have the support of a team that understands your existing content, your business objectives, your legacy blogging platform and how to successfully migrate blogs to VitalSite CMS.

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Blog Types — Effective solutions for unique business needs

Your content marketing needs are as unique as your organization, and your blog will be too. Whether you start from scratch or need help with an existing blog, Geonetric can support your success with any of the following, and more:

Mommy Blogs

Promote your OB/GYN services, birth centers and pediatric care clinics.

Physician Blogs

Educate your patients and prospects while filling appointment books.

Health and Wellness Blogs

Promote a healthy community while increasing awareness of your brand.

Diet and Nutrition Blogs

Help prospects and patients succeed with specific diets and learn about nutrition for weight loss and health.

Clinic Blogs

Promote awareness of your locations and service lines while filling waiting room seats.

Executive Blogs

Give your organization's leadership a voice on your intranet, or in public.

Employee Blogs

Help your intranet become a powerful tool for internal collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Project and CapEx Blogs

Promote your organization and keep your community engaged in your capital expenditure projects for new buildings, facilities and other high-profile projects.

Fundraising and Foundation Blogs

Give a voice to your special projects, charitable foundations and fundraising.

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