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Discover CMS Platform That Boosts Your Outreach Team’s ROI

Hospitals throughout the country depend on the generosity of their community to deliver their mission. Learn how leading organizations use the VitalSite web CMS to support philanthropic efforts.

It’s no secret that people who work in healthcare have multiple roles – often marketing is also in charge of the foundation, and they need one CMS that serves both arms of the organization equally well. See how other healthcare systems are growing their marketing team’s effort and profit with the digital platform VitalSite.

Let Philanthropy Thrive Around the Clock

Your community never sleeps, nor should your website. When you choose a robust digital platform like VitalSite, you can continue to raise funds, reach donors, and generate generosity while you focus your efforts elsewhere.

Savvy teams support their foundation’s initiatives with the right CMS because they can:

  • Build a user-friendly gift shop with eCommerce integration
  • Funnel donations 24/7 using secure, online forms
  • Use sophisticated taxonomy to display patient and donor stories in relevant areas throughout the website
  • Promote fundraising events that encourage the community to get involved

Lead the way with eCommerce

In most nonprofit hospitals, you’re likely to find a gift shop. That’s because these high-volume operations bring in significant annual gross sales. Especially since this thriving retail business is run by volunteers, reducing the overhead cost of operations. Not only do on-site gift shops attract patients and visitors, but employees also bring a steady flow of business, especially if you offer payroll deduction. Hospital employees value having a convenient place to shop or even to grab a snack while on break.

Get your gift shop online so that you can market your merchandise beyond the hospital foot traffic and invest the revenue back into your organization. Many industry leaders like Holzer Health System, turn to Geonetric to build an online gift shop to broaden their reach.

The Holzer Medical Center – Gallipolis location, a community-oriented hospital in Ohio with 266 beds, boosts sales by offering convenient, same-day delivery to on-site patients and staff.

Holzer's Online Gift Shop
With a vivid velocity in online retail, trends show that shoppers aren’t slowing down their spending. Tap into the market share by offering your products online.

Manage your inventory and sales with strategic categories such as:

  • Branded apparel for employees and volunteers
  • Floral arrangements like a seasonal bouquet in different sizes to fit every budget
  • Gift baskets for every occasion
  • Items without a shelf life such as stuffed animals, stationery, balloons and blankets
  • Home medical equipment without insurance coverage like brand name breastfeeding supplies, bathtub seats, and incontinence pads
  • Seasonal items to keep shoppers coming back for more

Protect donors with secure, online forms

We understand that community contributions are vital to support your health system’s overall growth and development. Our digital experts can help your foundation team optimize its online efforts to make essential projects, programs and services possible.

Make it easy for your web users to donate online with a secure online form build in Formulate. This form builder was developed explicitly for healthcare websites and follows the AAA standards for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and can be used stand-alone or as part of VitalSite.

Forms that connect with your users help drive donations and engagement. Ozarks Healthcare’s form captures the crucial information needed for online donations and nothing more. This approach keeps users focused on the task at hand.

Your online donation form should offer a variety of giving options like:

  • Ability to give a gift anonymously
  • Dedicating a donation in honor of or memory of someone
  • Designation for donation
  • Estate giving

By understanding donor trends and the needs of your organizations, a platform like Formulate will help you access more donors online throughout your community.

Evoke emotion and build brand awareness with taxonomy

Keep your site visitors engaged with strategic taxonomy that uses cross-promotion throughout the site to show related foundation news, events and patient and donor stories.

Ridgeview has three Minnesota hospitals that serve the southwest metro region of the Twin Cities. Ridgeview’s award-winning medical website is built on VitalSite to allow for a high-quality digital experience that’s consumer-focused and user-friendly for all audiences across the Ridgeview system.

“We know that getting support from donors is more important now than ever before. That’s why we’re thankful to better engage our users with an improved design, navigation, and functionality,” Kelly Mulleady, Director, Ridgeview Foundation.

That’s why Ridgeview expands the reach of its foundation’s content with intuitive navigation and custom design, then keeps potential donors’ interest with content that evokes emotion.

Ridgeview News Article

Highlight what sets your foundation apart from others with:

  • Foundation news hub
  • E-Newsletter
  • Patient stories and videos
  • Donor stories and videos

Embrace events now and post-pandemic

Bringing your community of donors together during events helps strengthen relationships and support. Events help you raise awareness about your cause, provide donor recognition, build your donor base and pave the way for future events.

Major health systems’ foundations know the need for funds never stops. That’s why they choose VitalSite’s calendar module as the tool to organize and promote upcoming events. This calendar tool helps healthcare share their cause with their community and beyond to work towards one specific fundraising goal.

PIH Health in Whittier, California, takes advantage of VitalSite’s calendar module ability for users to search for a specific category that pique’s their interest. By integrating fundraising events into your calendar search your homepage’s prominent upcoming event scroll works as free advertising to your target audiences. Not only does PIH Health increase the reach of their events with calendar module, they capture emotion with slideshows and videos of past events.

PIH Health Events Page

You can continue to grow funds for programs, patients and your organization with in-person and virtual events such as:

  • Cash raffles
  • Golf tournaments
  • Health awareness
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Silent auctions

Encourage people to participate in events by letting them know they can help by:

  • Becoming a sponsor
  • Attending the event
  • Giving monetary or in-kind donations
  • Becoming a volunteer

Build momentum

Get results like the leading organizations above with the right content management system (CMS), VitalSite. You’ll benefit from healthcare-specific functionality like event registration, eCommerce, content marketing and online donations that make it easy to reach the donors in your community. Contact us today – or request a VitalSite demo. The team at Geonetric is ready to help you with your digital needs.

Bryan Fentress

Digital Solutions Director

Discover CMS Platform That Boosts Your Outreach Team’s ROI