Outperform Your Competition’s Intranet

At Geonetric, we’re reflecting, too. And we’re proud of the recent feats of functionality we’ve “coached” into hospital intranet launches, making them stronger, faster and more efficient while they support your organization. Thinking of overhauling your organization’s intranet? Here are the medalists you want on your team:

Gold Medal: Personalization

The best intranets provide quick access to what you need, when you need it. Personalization ensures users can easily navigate to the content that relates to their roles and responsibilities. Going a step further, combining personalization with security roles creates an intranet that is both easy to use and secure.

For example, a medical group employee can only access benefits for the medical group. With help from a security setting, users are identified as a member of a specific group, which alerts the system of the credentials as well as the appropriate navigation to deliver.

Geonetric’s VitalSite CMS integrates Active Directory, content personalization, and security roles. This means no annoying pop-ups or password bumbling as users log in only once with familiar credentials and freely navigate the intranet using links that are targeted to their needs.

Silver Medal: Form Workflows

Who doesn’t love an easy way to manage workflows?

Web-based forms can be used to solve all sorts of challenges. In an intranet environment, extra workflow steps can turn forms into full-fledged custom modules. Processes like employee nominations, benefit forms or other secure documents might need to pass through several hands before they’re finalized.

Geonetric’s Form Builder supports flexible workflows, making it easy for anyone verifying or approving employee-related forms to access them and move them down the assembly line. This functionality is a huge win if you work with several teams or offer several points of contact on your employee intranet.

Bronze Medal: Blog Integration

While we typically see blogs as a way to attract and engage patients and visitors on your public website, they can be an important part of an intranet as well. Employee blogs celebrate your organization’s culture, encourage conversation between staff, and shine a light on standout employees.

Whether created in VitalSite, WordPress or another blog tool you can easily integrate posts into your VitalSite intranet. The result? A seamless experience allowing employees and staff easy access to read what’s new at the organization.

Honorable Mention: Responsive Design

Designers who build responsive designs always deserve a gold medal, but we’ve relegated responsive design to that heart-breaking fourth place. Why? By now your intranet should already be adapting to the devices your employees use every day: tablets, smartphones and desktop screens of all sizes.

A lot of organizations understand why responsive is so important for health consumers, but don’t forget about your employees. They’re looking for the same ease of use on their devices as they have at home when they browse online.

Give Your Intranet a Gold Medal

If you’re ready to take your intranet to new heights, contact us today. Whether you need to sort out what you have (and make it easy to find again), or want to create a customized experience for your employees and staff, we can help.