Download the results of our 2022 Consumer Health Survey



Discover consumer needs and meet them where they want you to be.

This research is part of an ongoing initiative to better understand the preferences and perceptions of health consumers relating to their use of technology throughout the healthcare journey. The report helps healthcare marketers like you get new insights and see where you need to invest to stay competitive.

Preferred Interaction Channels

Find out where the web, mobile apps and other tools are used in consumers’ healthcare journeys.

Personalizing the Healthcare Journey

Understand how consumers are researching health conditions and what information your organization needs to be delivering.

Top Factors When Seeking Care

Learn how patient loyalty has changed and what the most important factors are as patients make their healthcare choices.

“Patient-provider loyalty has eroded. Whether due to switching from one healthcare provider to another or increased splitting of care, 43% of consumers received care from a new provider or new health system in the past two years.”Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer at Geonetric