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Evaluating Your Healthcare Content Marketing Maturity

Whether you’re new to content marketing or you’re ready to take your content marketing efforts to the next level, using a maturity model is a great way to identify where you are and what you can improve.

Discover how to nurture and advance your content marketing so you can drive visitors to your website, build brand loyalty, and have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

What’s a Content Marketing Maturity Model?

A maturity model is a tool that helps your team create benchmarks and improve your efforts. Using a set of levels and criteria, Geonetric’s content marketing maturity model helps you identify where you’re succeeding and where you can improve.

Elements of Our Content Marketing Maturity Model

Effective, mature content marketing requires attention to the entire content marketing process – from goal-setting and audience research, to content development and publication, to tracking and analyzing your content’s performance.

Our content marketing maturity model breaks down into seven key components:

  1. Strategy –Creating, publishing, and distributing content within the framework of an agreed-upon plan or approach
  2. Audience research and insights – Understanding the goals, needs, and preferences of the people you’re trying to reach
  3. Planning and workflow –Producing, delivering, and reporting the results of content marketing within your team within an agreed-upon process
  4. Content development – Researching and creating content
  5. Technology – Using software and tools to publish content marketing as well as target and reach audiences
  6. Publication and distribution – Sharing, distributing, and promoting your content marketing across channels
  7. Analysis and optimization – Using data to measure performance and adjust approach

Within each component are three levels of maturity: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. See where you align within each content marketing component in our content marketing maturity chart.

Content Marketing Maturity Model Image

How to Use the Model

Use the model to assess your current content marketing efforts. Ask yourself:

  • Where do you fall today in each category?
  • Which areas are current strengths?
  • Where do you see gaps and areas for improvement?
  • What are your goals? Where would you like to grow?
  • What areas of growth will provide the highest value to your content marketing efforts?
  • What areas of growth will be easiest for your team to take on? Which will require significant effort to gain resources or buy-in?
  • Where do you have internal interest, experience, or expertise? Where do you need to invest in training or hiring?
  • Where would it be beneficial to work with a partner or vendor?

Use the answers you uncover to prioritize areas for growth and create a roadmap to move forward.

How Mature Is Your Content Marketing?

Find out where your content marketing efforts stand. Take our content marketing maturity quiz to discover your strengths and opportunities to improve.

If you’re ready to move your brand experience forward, reach out to Geonetric. You’ll partner with healthcare content marketing experts who can help your team create valuable connections with your target audience, driving brand recognition and engagement in new ways.

Anne Kapler

Principal Content Strategist & Writer

Evaluating Your Healthcare Content Marketing Maturity