Fresh Content Promotes New Brand

For Tidelands Health, rebranding was more than a marketing initiative. It was a business imperative. From a single hospital with independent physicians focused on one county, the system had grown to serve a regional market with an outpatient focus. Tidelands Health needed to show consumers the breadth, depth, and continuity of its ever-growing network of care. One key to achieving that goal? A new website with fresh content that could increase local brand awareness and preference.

Learning from the Experts

To learn about the health system’s differentiators, specific services, and approach to care, Geonetric writers visited Tidelands Health and interviewed staff from top medical departments. Stakeholders from additional service lines shared information via online surveys. Geonetric helped identify areas of care that Tidelands Health physicians covered, but which the organization’s website didn’t thoroughly represent.

Patient-Friendly Copy

The agency highlighted all of the system’s service lines in 63 new pages that reflect Tidelands Health’s strengthened focus on wellness. Content directly addresses patients in understandable terms and explains the benefits of the organization’s expertise, technology, and recognitions. Scannable blocks of copy make it easier for users of any device to quickly find the details most important to them. Pages enhance SEO by focusing on single topics related to terms consumers search for.

Because all content was written with Tidelands Health’s full range of services in mind, pages crosslink to relevant copy about complementary care patients may need. That means users can easily explore all the services available to them through the region’s largest healthcare network.

All copy carries a conversational yet professional voice and tone that communicates as a caring doctor would to a patient: with confidence, warmth, clarity, and credibility.

Information at Users’ Fingertips

Throughout the new pages, intuitively placed links to Staywell health library articles make it simple for users to learn more about their condition or treatment—without leaving Tidelands Health’s site. The organization strengthens its reputation as a source of trusted health information while making use of its investment in thousands of high-quality, patient-geared medical content assets.