UX Audit Paves Path for Redesign

Parkview Medical Center aims to serve Pueblo County with high-quality, comprehensive, local care. As the region’s largest private employer and provider of more than 71,000 Medicaid recipients, Parkview’s vision is to be the provider of choice for patients, physicians, and employees.

Parkview knew they could strengthen their customer experience with a redesign. That’s why they turned to its long-term digital partner, Geonetric, who understands the unique functionality needs of a healthcare’s digital footprint.

CMS platform built for healthcare

Parkview’s goal was to reevaluate every digital touchpoint with the user experience top of mind. Returning to the CMS and marketing platform VitalSite, Parkview knew it could compete with surrounding health systems. VitalSite’s built-in provider, location, service, and event directories, allow Parkview to continue building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Over half of Parkview’s visitors use mobile devices to access their website. Geonetric’s VitalSite platform gave Parkview the ability to plan and execute a more mobile-friendly website to stay competitive. The new site navigation on both desktop and mobile helps consumers quickly access the information they need.

UX research to support organizational goals

Parkview needed its new digital experience to support organizational goals, initiatives, and campaigns to reinforce its brand.

To ensure their new digital front door produced results Parkview and Geonetric:

  • Set up UX tracking
  • Analyzed results from UX tracking and analytics
  • Did an in-depth review of UX and navigation paths

Taking the time to review traffic, popular pages, and overall UX help build opportunities for improvement, such as custom provider and location profiles.

Optimize redesign with UX audit

By investing in UX research up front, Parkview overcame challenges with internal processes and created a data-driven strategy to create an exceptional experience. Learning from consumers, Parkview was able to tailor every digital touchpoint for the user to drive revenue and value for its organization.

Content strategy to create conversions

With the goal of patient acquisition, Parkview knew content strategy was the answer to provide consumers with simple, straightforward access to information. Sitewide navigation is a crucial component of the customer experience. Building a user-focused site navigation a convenient, easy-to-use web experience delivers Parkview business value long-term with loyal customers and more engagement.

Content strategy goals

Quality content supports Parkview’s organizational goals by:

  • Keeping care local and highlighting the benefits and strengths of Parkview services
  • Providing clear user pathways
  • Growing patient acquisition through competitive advantage
  • Making actionable experiences that drive user engagement and conversions
  • Incorporating patient stories throughout the digital experience to align with marketing campaigns

Planning redesign with content strategy

Starting with UX research, then content strategy identified why users came to Parkview’s site. Geonetric created content that makes it easy for consumers to take action and become patients at Parkview. By optimizing conversions and using meaningful messaging, Parkview builds relationships and is the trusted source of healthcare information and services.

Create a modern, mobile-friendly design

UX research and content strategy played a significant role in informing the UX experience of design and functionality. Geonetric and Parkview held a design workshop around opportunities to improve Parkview’s digital front door.

Custom design concepts

To improve Parkview’s online brand image, Geonetric created custom design concepts for:

  • Homepage and interior pages
  • Provider profiles
  • Section landing page and interior pages
  • Themed design concept for campaign landing pages

Engaging provider profiles

Parkview’s new, mobile-friendly, custom provider profiles use design elements to guide users to vital information while keeping conversion opportunities at the forefront of the design.

Redesign results

Since its launch, Parkview Medical Center has seen a 6.4% increase in users, a 3.3% in sessions, and a 3.0% increase in page views. The bounce rate has improved by 3.1%. The number of pageviews for provider profiles has increased by 9.9%, and the care and treatment section has seen a 5.0% increase in pageviews. In addition, there was a 9.6% increase in phone calls and a 63.2% increase in files downloaded.

Online Nursery Specializes in Cute

A place for family and friends to search and view photos of newborns who make their debut at Parkview Medical Center.

Complement the Design

Through rotating photos and cute quotes, Parkview Medical Center’s online nursery shares baby information using a design that complements the main website. Like the rest of the site, the photo gallery is easily viewed on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Photo of a baby

Share Darling Photos

Large, professional photos are displayed for each newborn, and visitors can even print and save the photos. Family who share links to a baby’s photo also promote the Birth Center.

Provide Helpful Search

Visitors can view all babies in a list, or use the search and filter to find babies by their first name, mother’s name, father’s name, date of birth and gender.