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Take Control of Your Content

North Kansas City Hospital Enhances Online Content

Regaining Control of Your Content

North Kansas City Hospital screenshotAward–winning care. Long–standing reputation. State–of–the–art facilities. There’s a lot that sets North Kansas City Hospital (NKCH) apart in the competitive Kansas City market. But like many hospitals, NKCH had a website that didn’t effectively tell a compelling story. Its service line sites were disconnected from the main website. There was too much content in some areas, and too little in others. And the content that was on the site didn't engage visitors and drive them to action. That was, until Geonetric's expert content team became involved.

Making Content More Meaningful

Geonetric’s skilled writers and knowledgeable content strategists worked closely with NKCH to integrate content from the separate sites into a cohesive structure on the main website. We began with a comprehensive review of the current site structure and identified ways to make information easier for visitors to find. Using a content matrix, we helped NKCH categorize content that should be kept on the site and content that should be removed. We then conducted interviews with NKCH’s key stakeholders and subject matter experts to uncover goals, identify differentiators and hear first–hand how the staff talk about the services they deliver.

Based on our research, expertise in Web writing best practices, and knowledge of the healthcare industry, we began to develop new content for the site. We:

  • Translated the information from our stakeholder interviews into language that’s easily understood by site visitors
  • Wrote more than 45 pages of content, including new copy that differentiates NKCH’s key service lines
  • Created compelling calls–to–action that ensure site visitors can connect with the hospital at every turn

Going from Good to Great

Visitors to the new NKCH website are welcomed with a fresh design, simplified navigation and a clear focus on the five key service lines. Each of the service line sections is now anchored by a clean hub page that is easy to scan and highlights competitive differentiators with user–friendly tabs.

The new content structure reduced the key service line sections from 275 pages to 135 pages, making the sections easier to update and reducing duplication and outdated information. In addition, the entire site is optimized for search engines. NKCH now enjoys robust content that truly sets the hospital apart — and lays the foundation for continued success.

Download Our White Paper

Web Writing for Healthcare White Paper Image

Geonetric’s VP and eHealth Evangelist, Ben Dillon, answers your top content questions & explains the fundamentals of writing good content for the Web. Download our white paper - Get to the Point: Web Writing for Healthcare.

In Their Words

Geonetric’s expert team did a great job of organizing and writing our content in a way that is useful for our site visitors and skillfully presents our hospital’s differentiators.

Jodi Rawson – Marketing Services
Coordinator at North Kansas City Hospital

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