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Provider Directory

Help site visitors find the right doctor

Use VitalSite’s Provider Directory to give your potential patients the information they need to choose a doctor and schedule appointments online. Turn health consumers into patients and help your doctors build their practices by creating engaging profiles with the interactive features in VitalSite’s Provider Directory. You can:

  • Increase conversions with online appointment scheduling
  • Promote physicians throughout your site
  • Make searching for doctors easy
  • Build relationships with comprehensive profiles
  • Simplify managing physician data

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On Page Appointments — Fill doctor schedules

Screenshot of On Page Appointment Scheduling

A convenient online form drives appointment volume by encouraging site visitors to request an appointment. Place the online appointment form right on the doctor’s profile page and increase conversions.

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Search — Connect site visitors to doctors

Screenshot of Advanced Search

Make it easy for site visitors to find the right doctor. With VitalSite’s Provider Directory, visitors can quickly search for providers by name, location, specialty, city, gender, department or type of insurance accepted, even if they misspell the terms.

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Promotion — Showcase physicians throughout your site

Screenshot of Provider SmartPanel

Promote your doctors on any page. VitalSite’s unique SmartPanels let you showcase your expert providers and their connections to related events, news and health library topics.

VitalSite’s Provider Directory also works closely with the services and locations directories. When health consumers visit any page in these sections, they’ll automatically see physicians related to that location or service.

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Profiles — Help visitors build relationships with providers

Screenshot of Provider Profile

Site visitors want to learn about physicians before selecting a personal doctor. That means it’s important to showcase your providers and their areas of expertise. VitalSite’s Provider Directory creates engaging doctor profiles to help you build relationships. You can highlight:

  • Photos and bios that share a doctor’s specialties and credentials
  • Videos to feature a provider’s personality and practice philosophy
  • Office details, including hours and locations on interactive Google Maps
  • Appointment requests right on the profile page, keeping site visitors on the path to becoming a patient

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Data Management — Simplify the effort

Your hospital or health system likely works with hundreds of providers including employed, clinic-based or hospital-based. Now you can easily manage all that physician data and save time with valuable VitalSite features, including:

  • A central repository that allows you to enter provider information once and choose what information displays where. For example, you might have all providers appear on your system website, while showing only certain doctors on your clinic pages.
  • Integration with your credentialing system to keep your data up-to-date. When the credentialing system information makes changes, your website automatically updates too.

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