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Features & Functionality

Geonetric gets healthcare inside and out-and they bring that knowledge to life in VitalSite.

Jaimie Somlai - Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Features critical to hospital websites

Engage visitors. Meet the needs of internal stakeholders. Make site content easy to manage and appealing for users. Take advantage of all the features and extended functionality available with VitalSite.

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Showcase the most important information on your public website or intranet with VitalSite's core directories. The directories are dynamic content cross-promotion engines that connect your visitors to the information they need, regardless of how they navigate your site. For example, when you set up VitalSite’s directories, visitors browsing your services also see related locations, events and providers.

Calendar & Events Directory

Promote your events, attract attendees, drive online registrations and manage participant information with the Calendar & Events Directory.

Services Directory

Automated service line promotion connects visitors with your services. While visitors can always browse your services pages for the information they need, VitalSite’s content cross-promotion engine naturally presents relevant services information. This allows visitors to easily discover related physicians, locations, events and more as they read your services information.

Provider Directory

Highlight your providers and physicians while helping visitors schedule appointments right on your website. VitalSite’s Provider Directory helps fill your physicians’ appointment books by automatically promoting related physicians on relevant pages of your website.

Location Directory

Help prospective patients select your facilities for their treatment and answer questions before they need to visit or tie up a phone line. The Location Directory promotes your locations by providing critical information about service offerings, maps and directions, contact information, related physician listings, photos, virtual tours and more.

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Interactive Modules

Promote your organization, drive revenue and encourage repeat visits with VitalSite’s interactive modules. These tools help you build visitor engagement and extend VitalSite functionality to meet your website's emerging needs.

Baby Names

Engage parents-to-be with an interactive tool that promotes your organization while helping expectant parents choose the perfect name for their coming child. It’s more than just fun. This type of engagement early in a pregnancy can help lead parents to choose your birthing center.

Baby Photos

Help families celebrate new arrivals with VitalSite’s Baby Photos module. Share pictures, names, birth weight, hair color, eye color and more for each newborn. As you help parents share, you’ll also be promoting your labor and delivery services and driving sales via an integrated gift shop.

Clinical Trials

Boost recruitment in your clinical trials. Help site visitors find trials of interest and get in touch with your organization to learn more. Each offering can be discovered by search or by browsing a special clinical trials directory. Rich descriptions and eligibility requirements provide critical information for visitors, and built-in forms provide a seamless mechanism for them to request more information.


Offer family and friends appealing ways to send love and support to your patients. Encourage staff to send kudos and accolades to each other. VitalSite’s eCards module is perfect for your public website and for your intranet.

Document Library

Put an end to your document management nightmare. With VitalSite’s Document Library, you get a convenient place to organize and share patient education materials, patient forms, employee resources and any other documents that you’d like to make available on your website or intranet.

Wait Time Indicator

Help more people choose your facilities when they need urgent care. By adding live wait-time indicators for your locations, and combining them with maps and directions, your website visitors will have all the information they need to select your facilities based on quality, distance and speed of care.


Generate revenue with a secure online shopping cart and branded storefront integrated with your website. When you use VitalSite’s eCommerce module, a Volusion-powered storefront helps site visitors find the perfect gift for friends, family and acquaintances receiving care at your hospital.


Turn prospects into patients with eNewsletters containing highly relevant content directed at an audience that has already given you permission to share with them. As one of the most effective means to promote goods and services, a newsletter-based permission marketing program can be an essential part of your strategy for recruiting patients and publicizing your physicians, events and services. VitalSite’s eNewsletters module uses the ExactTarget platform and includes templates, subscription panels and training to get you started.

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Health Library Integration

Make your health library more than just a stand-alone destination or a link in your website’s main navigation. Integrate it with VitalSite and give your content investment the unique look and feel found in the rest of your website. An integrated health library promotes your organization's expertise by delivering quality medical information while filling your physician schedules and event rosters. VitalSite's sophisticated content cross-promotion engine converts visitors into patients by highlighting your related physicians, service lines, events and locations from relevant topics in the health library.


Healthcare content, images, illustrations, interactive tools, videos, symptom checkers, decision points and action sets.

Krames StayWell

Healthcare articles, videos, podcasts, animations, interactive tools, symptom checkers and daily updates; offers a liberal policy on content re-use and customization.

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Image and Content Tools

Add personality to your site and engage visitors with rich media elements like video, interactive photo galleries and podcasts. VitalSite's many display and content tools carry your organization’s brand and are easily placed on your website by your content administrators.

Interactive Display Tools

Engage site visitors with custom audio players, branded video players, podcast integrations, jQuery rotators and special effects that encourage your visitors to engage with your website and take action.

Content Editor Tools

You don’t need to know how to code in order to use rich content presentation tools like photo galleries, albums, tabbed content containers, callouts, feature boxes and more. You can use everything right in VitalSite's What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) content editor.

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Site Design, Standards and Sharing

When you power your website with VitalSite, your visitors get the optimal experience from any device. You and your team get a site designed with content sharing in mind — and one that complies with exacting industry standards.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive design ensures visitors can access your site from desktops, laptops, tablets and any other mobile device.

508 Compliant HTML

Visitors with visual impairments or those who use assistive technologies to access your website depend on HTML that meets Section 508 standards. When your site runs on VitalSite, you know your site supports visitors of all abilities.

Presentation and Print Assistance

Built-in font-size selectors give site visitors an easy way to choose the content view that works best for them. If your site users prefer to read your information away from the screen, dedicated print styles make printing your website pages a snap.

Social Media Promotion

Spread your reach across social media with built-in social media toolbars. Users can link to your social media or share links to your content with their personal communities on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.

RSS Feeds

Extend your content’s reach off your website and provide site visitors with access to timely updates. With built-in RSS feeds, your visitors know when you post new content and can see and read what you add to your blogs, press releases and other areas of your website without having to visit.

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Content Editing

Novice? Expert? Make it easy for any content administrator to find, author, edit, preview and publish Web pages.

Surf & Edit

Find pages by searching, browsing, or by using the dynamic site map. When viewing a page, the Surf & Edit button opens it instantly for editing.

WYSIWYG Text Editor

You can create pages and edit content without knowing HTML or CSS. VitalSite's What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) text editor provides an easy-to-use interface so content contributors can format text, apply consistent styles, insert images and fix spelling errors.

HTML Editor

When you need to dig into the code, VitalSite gets out of your way. Your advanced content administrators will appreciate the ability to toggle between the WYSIWYG text editor and the HTML editor on any page.

Page Publishing

Ensure the quality of your site content with VitalSite's page publishing features: preview and proof pages before publishing, save drafts of work-in-progress, schedule finished pages to publish on specific days or publish immediately if there's no need to wait. An archive feature lets you remove published pages on demand or automatically according to a scheduled date you specify.

Version History

Keep track of all revisions with change histories for all pages. This page version history highlights when the page was created, published and archived. And you even get basic audit information that identifies the user responsible for each action.

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Workflow and Permissions

Distribute the work of adding and updating content while maintaining the approval authority that protects your brand, style and quality standards. VitalSite's permission-based access privileges and workflow gives you the ability to collaborate widely without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Permission-Based Access

Give others permission to view, edit and publish pages on your website. Permissions can be assigned to individuals or groups, or you can set content-specific permissions for optimal control.


Manage the content-publishing process with VitalSite’s content workflows. You can create and implement workflows that require review and approval of pages before they go live on your site. And you can designate users who have permission to add content, review and publish it. Avoid delays and keep everyone efficiently engaged by sending email notifications to participants at each stage of the process.

Account Security

You’ll stop password-guessing bots and brute force attacks in their tracks with automatic account logging and secure password requirements. VitalSite monitors all sign-in attempts and locks a user's account after three unsuccessful tries. Accounts that have been inactive for more than 90 days are also locked.

Secure Password Recovery

Help users securely reset their own passwords and recover their usernames without requiring an administrator's support. When users need help resetting a password, VitalSite sends an email containing a unique, time-limited link and instructions for resetting the password. The password reset link leads to a page where a security question must be answered in order to proceed. Both password reset emails and username recovery messages are sent only to the email address on file in a user's account.

Active Directory Integration

Let your administrators sign in using their existing network credentials. With VitalSite’s Active Directory integration, you maintain security while freeing your staff from having to remember yet another username and password combination. You can even add functionality that automatically signs users in to VitalSite when they visit from their secure workstations. In addition, ADFS integration means you no longer incur the maintenance overhead of manually adding and removing employee accounts when staff changes happen.

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SEO Support

VitalSite is designed to help you influence how search engines rank your pages.

SEO-Friendly URLs

Create page URLs that are readable and optimized for SEO. With VitalSite’s SEO-friendly URLS, you get an extra opportunity to send ranking signals to search engines while simultaneously using URLs that are easy for your site visitors to read and understand.

Search and Findability Panel

Add HTML page titles, descriptions and keywords, and stay within optimal word counts. All site pages contain a Search & Findability panel that helps your editors and authors follow SEO best practices. Content administrators even see a warning when trying to save a page that doesn't meet SEO guidelines.

Heading Tags

Add heading styles right from the WYSIWYG drop-down menu. There's no need to miss this simple step to proper SEO when you use VitalSite’s menu-driven approach to content editing.

Image ALT Tags

Insert alternate, keyword-rich tags to images when placing them in your pages.

Lightweight Markup

Reduce page size and improve load times with VitalSite’s HTML markup. Because your website is optimized for performance, your pages render quickly...and search engines see this as another quality signal when determining how your content performs in search.

Canonical URLs

Use VitalSite to establish a single canonical URL for each page. By using canonical URLs correctly, you avoid duplicate content penalties and send another quality signal to search engines.

Site Map

Make sure search engines can easily index your site. VitalSite auto-generates an XML site map so search engines can discover, crawl and index all your public content. Markup

VitalSite automatically adds markup to providers and provider search result pages. You can even enrich CMS pages and other types of content by manually adding schema markup in the text editor. With structured content, you'll help search engines understand your content and make sure it appears correctly in search results, knowledge graphs and other services.

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Multi-Site Support

Manage all your hospital websites, intranets, microsites, secure extranets and blogs with one CMS. Standardizing on a single CMS means you consolidate your training and expertise in one familiar system. Depending on your needs, you can choose to host all your sites on one installation or use separate VitalSite installations if it’s important for you to have separate working environments:

One Installation

Manage multiple websites using one installation of VitalSite. With FlexFilter technology, you can create multiple sites — each with a unique domain, design, search, navigation — and maintain all content in one central repository that can be shared among the sites.

Separate Installations

Choose separate installations of VitalSite when your sites need specific security configurations.

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VitalSite is the HIPAA and PCI compliant CMS of choice for top performing healthcare organizations like yours. When you choose VitalSite you'll benefit from:

Page, Form and Data Encryption

Encrypt page, form, transactional and protected health information (PHI) with VitalSite’s SSL technology and protect visitor sessions from prying eyes. Personal health information is encrypted both in transit and in storage so confidential data is always secure.

Form and Transactional Management

Comply with standard security protocols defined by HIPAA and PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) for forms management and transactional information. VitalSite captures and stores audit trail information when administrators view form submissions. Payment data is collected securely and transmitted to your merchant account.

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