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Content Management System

VitalSite is the smartest healthcare content management system on the market.

VitalSite makes it easy for you to manage your hospital website. And with dozens of healthcare–specific features and modules, it allows you to create a robust, user–friendly website. That’s why more than 500 hospitals, physician groups and clinics around the country use it as the foundation of their websites, portals and intranets. Check out what makes VitalSite so special.

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Content Management

Impressive software that's designed for healthcare.

VitalSite users love having a content management system designed for the healthcare industry. Thanks to features that make it easy to edit content, create microsites, and share work with others in the organization, just about anybody can help maintain your site. And most importantly, VitalSite keeps your data secure.

Healthcare Content Management System interface screenshot


Make connections.

You know the importance of your site as a marketing tool. By placing panels throughout your site, you can create awareness of your services and direct visitors on a path that ultimately leads to a conversion. But with most content management systems, managing panels on hundreds of Web pages can be quite cumbersome. Not with VitalSite. VitalSite’s panel technology makes it easy to cross promote your information — and with SmartPanels, much of your work happens automatically!

CMS Dynamic Content Panels screenshot

Search Engine Optimization

Get a step closer to the #1 spot.

What’s the best way to improve your search rankings? Create quality online content that search engines recognize. VitalSite puts SEO controls right at your fingertips, making sure you won’t forget to define titles, descriptions and keywords. Plus, VitalSite is built to help search engines find your pages.

Image of the Healthcare CMS search engine optimization interface


Generate revenue from your site.

Getting people to visit your site is an important first step. But how do you get them to convert from visitor to loyal patient? By adding self–service transactions — like bill payment and pre–registration. VitalSite’s transactions not only help visitors connect with you when it’s convenient for them, but also help you tie your Web initiatives to your organization’s bottom line. Transactions help you prove the value of your site.

Online hospital bill pagyment

Multi–Site Support

Manage multiple hospital sites with one system.

With VitalSite, you can manage multiple websites using just one system. Whether you’re maintaining a system site and hospital site, several clinic sites, mobiles sites, or various campaign microsites, VitalSite enables you to maintain all of these easily and quickly. And what’s better — with its FlexFilter dynamic content technology, you can enter information just once and select the specific sites it should appear on, saving you many hours in your day!

VitalSite MultiSite Support


One calendar manages it all.

Classes. Screenings. Support groups. Health fairs. Training. You host a variety of events. Promote them online with VitalSite’s robust calendar. VitalSite’s calendar gives you all the features you need to attract attendees, drive registrations and manage participant information. Plus, it enables you to recommend classes, increasing interest in other events and adding more revenue from your marketing efforts. 

Hospital events calendar

Provider Directory

Promote those docs.

Help patients find the right provider with VitalSite’s Provider Directory. VitalSite’s advanced search features help visitors locate the provider they seek, the comprehensive provider profiles give them all the information they want — from credentials to videos — and the request an appointment feature makes it easy for them to connect with your provider online. The provider directory is designed to help your providers attract new patients, making them and you both very happy.

Physician marketing

Services Directory

Showcase all your service lines.

Most visitors likely come to your site to learn about your services. By giving them quick and easy access to information they need, you motivate them to select your organization for their care. VitalSite’s Services Directory provides an integrated search, allowing visitors to search for services by keyword, drop–down list, A–Z and quick links. It enables you to prominently list the services that differentiate you from competitors. And it helps you cross–reference services to guarantee visitors always find the information they seek.

Service line marketing


Add lots of healthcare modules.

What else makes VitalSite the ideal content management solution for your organization? It provides dozens of healthcare-specific modules. From baby photos to quality reports, VitalSite helps you keep your visitors engaged, informed and interested in your organization. Best of all, most of the modules are included in your contract.

Healthcare CMS modules

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