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Avera eCARE Microsite

Avera eCARE Microsite



Avera eCARE homepage design

Innovative, Modern Design  

With a sophisticated look that reflects contemporary design trends, the new microsite immediately gives site visitors a taste of the technologically advanced healthcare services delivered by eCARE. With a modern video background and a long, panel-inspired homepage, the site design delivers a comprehensive picture of eCARE and all its services – and, of course, it functions well across all devices.

Avera eCare content strategy

User-Focused Content Strategy 

Through group and individual stakeholder interviews, Avera shared information about the intended uses for the website, as well as details about the primary audiences, important measures of success, key messages and operational details of each service line. This information guided our content strategy efforts, helping our team develop a new site structure and navigation that meets the needs of both the organization and site visitors.

Avera eCARE eEmergency content

New, Benefit-Driven Content

Previously, eCARE had a few pages on Avera’s main site. The new microsite offers more room to tell its unique story. eCARE subject matter experts worked with our content team to expand service line content and accurately illustrate the extent of key offerings. Updated website content now speaks to potential business partners and demonstrates the variety and value of eCARE’s six primary telehealth services, as well as shares eCARE’s ongoing and extensive innovation and research efforts.

Measurable results from effective physician profiles

The Results

Avera eCARE has seen a 169% increase in pageviews, with the Who We Are, eEmergency and eICU Care sections receiving the majority of the traffic. Contact us requests have increased significantly with the organization gaining 77 over the prior year. In addition, the site is a great asset for the eCARE marketing team—they are excited about having a place to point traffic from their offline and online advertising efforts. 


“Having a dedicated place to tell our story as a renowned telehealth service is game-changing for our organization. From design to content to web strategy, you can see Geonetric’s guidance and expertise in every aspect of this site. Bottom-line: they delivered a microsite that makes us look like the world leader that we are.”
-Jay Weems, VP Operations, Avera eCARE

The Concept

Avera eCARE's New Microsite Tells the Story of an Innovative Leader in Telemedicine

Avera, an integrated health system headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is also an innovative leader in telemedicine. They turned to Geonetric to create a new microsite for Avera eCARE, the health system’s internationally recognized telemedicine provider. As part of the project, Geonetric developed content strategy, navigation, design and new content for the site, which is the primary marketing tool for Avera’s marketing team.

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Image of Avera eCARE on various screen sizes

About the Client

About the Client

Avera eCARE™ leads the nation in delivering the broadest range of telemedicine services available from a single source. They’re part of Avera Health, an integrated health system and network of medical professionals who provide top-quality care at more than 300 locations across South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Avera’s eCARE telehealth services also reach Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Vermont and New Hampshire.


IMA best in class award

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