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Rutland Regional Medical Center Microsite

Rutland Regional Medical Center Microsite



Microsite RRMC Promote

Promote Specialized Services

The microsite promotes the clinic’s spine care program and concussion clinic, and its award-winning total hip and knee joint replacement services.

Microsite RRMC Expert

Showcase Expert Staff

The clinic’s surgeons, therapists and trainers are highlighted in a robust physician directory, complete with comprehensive profiles.

Microsite RRMC Design

Eye-catching Design

Vermont is known for beautiful mountains, skiing and outdoor activity and the VOC’s brand is tightly intertwined with that active lifestyle. That’s why the microsite builds on that imagery to appeal to residents and tourists.

The Concept

Orthopaedic Clinic Gets an Online Home

A dedicated microsite gives Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic (VOC), a department of Rutland Regional Medical Center, a place to promote its specialized services and staff.

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Microsite RRMC Monitor

About the Client

About the Client

Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic is an affiliate of Rutland Regional Medical Center, the second largest hospital in Vermont. A commitment to providing its community quality patient care led to Rutland Regional becoming the first hospital in Vermont to receive both the Governor's Award for Performance Excellence and Magnet Recognition® for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovation.

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Zero in on your target audiences with a microsite.

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