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Pella Regional Health Center Marketing Campaign

Pella Regional Health Center Marketing Campaign



The Process

Define & Track

Everyone agrees at the outset on one measurable objective. For Pella Regional Health Center, it was to generate appointment requests for robotic hysterectomy services.

Plan & Produce

Working in two-week sprints, we brainstormed ideas, developed creative and delivered tactics to market, all within the sprint.

Evaluate & Modify

Tactics launched immediately and were evaluated by the ultimate focus group: real health consumers. Adjustments to the campaign and individual tactics ensured budget and energy focused on the tactics that worked.

Measure & Report

The focus always remained on the goal. Pella Regional Health Center received regular updates on how the campaign was performing.

The Tactics

Campaigns Pella PPC


Three categories of pay-per-click (PPC) text ads targeted women with certain conditions: clotting, heavy bleeding and bleeding after menopause.

Campaings Pella Landing Page

Landing Pages

Custom landing pages optimized for specific audiences and keyword phrases contained a prominent call to action. The landing pages coordinated with the design and messages used in the PPC ads.

Campaigns Pella Facebook

Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook posts and advertisements connected well with the audience, generating five appointment requests.

Campaigns Pella Quiz

Interactive Quiz

A quiz was used as the main call to action for the campaign. It helped site visitors determine if their heavy bleeding periods were normal or the sign of something serious.

Campaigns Pella Email

Follow-up Emails

After completing the quiz, visitors received one of two different emails based on their score. One email recommended visitors see their family physician, the other email recommended they see a gynecologist. Both emails included appointment scheduling options as well important questions to ask their provider.

Campaings Pella Ad

Banner Ads

Web banner ads placed on local media websites drove visitors to the landing page.

The Results

Pella Regional had 1,380 visitors to the campaign landing page and 759 visitors complete the quiz. Seven appointment requests were scheduled with gynecologists.

The Concept

Pella Regional Health Center Promotes Surgery Services

An inventive marketing campaign that increased awareness of robotic hysterectomy services.

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Campaigns Pella Monitor

About the Client

About the Client

Pella Regional Health Center is a not-for-profit provider of healthcare that is accredited by The Joint Commission. Its mission is to provide healthcare and healing services with Christian compassion.

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