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Crozer-Keystone Health System Marketing Campaign

Crozer-Keystone Health System Marketing Campaign



The Process

Portfolio Campaigns Define

Define & Track

Everyone agreed at the outset on one measurable objective. For Crozer-Keystone Health System’s campaign, the goal was to generate as many colonoscopy requests as possible in three months.

Portfolio Campaigns Plan

Plan & Produce

Working in two-week sprints we brainstormed ideas, developed creative and delivered tactics to market, all within the sprint.

Portfolio Campaigns Evaluate

Evaluate & Modify

Tactics launched immediately and were evaluated by the ultimate focus group — real health consumers. Adjustments to the campaign and individual tactics ensured budget and energy focused on the tactics that worked.

Portfolio Campaigns Measure

Measure & Report

The focus always remained on the goal. Crozer-Keystone Health System received regular updates on how many requests the campaign generated.

The Tactics

Campaigns Crozer PPC


Pay-per-click advertisements targeted potential customers and encouraged them to visit a landing page to learn more.

Campaigns Crozer Landing Page

Landing Pages

Multiple landing pages coordinated closely with offline and online marketing efforts and featured custom phone numbers and online registration forms.

Campaigns Crozer Content

Content Revision

Revised gastroenterology and digestion service line content on the Crozer-Keystone website improved search engine results and encouraged colonoscopy registrations through strong calls to action.

Campaigns Crozer Halloween

Halloween Promo

A Halloween-inspired countdown on Crozer-Keystone’s Facebook page showcased seven things scarier than a colonoscopy.

Campaigns Crozer Email

Targeted Emails

Emails that promote colonoscopy sign-ups targeted audiences who respond to Crozer-Keystone’s marketing email lists.

Campaigns Crozer Pandora

Pandora Ads

Tile and banner ads placed on more than 45 Pandora channels, including popular holiday music channels, encouraged visitors to sign up for a colonoscopy on the coordinating landing page.

The Results

Three months to a full schedule

Just a few weeks into the marketing campaign, the appointment requests began rolling in. At the end of the three-month campaign, Crozer-Keystone received 73 colonoscopy requests through the online forms and custom phone numbers.


"Geonetric created an impressive marketing campaign for our gastroenterology service line. Geonetric was responsive, creative and easy to work with. At the end of the campaign, we were able to clearly demonstrate ROI to our physicians and administrators."

Grant Gegwich - Assistant Vice President at Crozer-Keystone Health System

The Concept

Crozer-Keystone Health System Fills Schedule

An online marketing campaign that filled a new gastroenterologist's schedule and introduced a new endoscopy center.

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Campaigns Crozer Monitor

About the Client

About the Client

Crozer-Keystone Health System is the largest employer and health care provider in Delaware County, PA. The health system comprises five hospitals, several outpatient facilities, a comprehensive physician network of primary-care and specialty practices, and the Healthplex® Sports Club.


  • Internet Advertising Competition
  • Interactive Media Awards
  • Web Health Awards
  • MarCom Awards
  • eHealthcare Leadership Awards

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