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PIH Health Health Library Integration

PIH Health Health Library Integration



Health Library PIH Content

Integrate Health Content

Since PIH Health’s Healthwise content is integrated with the website, health education materials are presented in the same design and available in site searches.

Health Library PIH Promote

Promote Service Lines

The site engages users with value-added educational content integrated directly into service line content.

Health Library PIH Healthy

Keep Patients Healthy

Patients better understand their health risks by using the interactive wellness tools.


"With this new Web presence PIH Health has a site that truly represents our diverse organization, differentiates us in the market and meets the needs of our site visitors. From providing expert design and content advice to providing a great software platform for our organization, Geonetric has been a true partner every step of the way."

Terri Skitch - Digital Media Marketing Manager at PIH Health

The Concept

PIH Health Adds Valuable Health Information

A site that showcases services while providing valuable health content to site visitors.

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Health Library PIH Responsive

About the Client

About the Client

PIH Health serves residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties as well as the San Gabriel Valley area offering a wide range of services including over 150 primary care physicians to provide general medicine and preventative care.

Supporting Content (Red)

Health Library

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Licensing a health library is a great way to promote your organization’s expertise and educate patients on important health topics. Integrating that health content with VitalSite’s search and SmartPanels provides an exceptional user experience. Learn more about why VitalSite is the right CMS for a truly integrated health library.

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