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CHMG Information Architecture

Create a Unified Brand

Through a system-wide strategy, brand and message integration, and information architecture (IA), the new site allows individual practices to maintain their identity while also communicating the value of the CHMG brand. The new IA addresses the needs of both CHMG and its site visitors, and is built to support future growth.

CHMG Cancer section

Communicate Benefits of System with New Content

New web copy throughout the site engages site visitors and provides a comprehensive picture of the breadth and value of CHMG’s services. With a focus on representing a wide range of services, Geonetric’s team wrote 53 pages of benefit-driven, system-level service line content, all highlighting CHMG’s “distinctive partnership driving exceptional care.”

CHMG Physician Results page

Promote Expert Providers

The innovative provider directory delivers search results using an eye-catching, card-inspired design. There's also custom provider profiles and profile pages for each practice location.

Cone Health Results

The Results

The new CHMG site creates a strong, branded connection among all member practices and improves overall online user experience. Geonetric’s content team wrote a total of 62 new pages across four sections, including 53 new pages for service lines. In addition, 88 primary and specialty care practices are now represented on the new system-level site, including 26 that previously had little or no web presence.


“Working with Geonetric to create a site structure and content that represents CHMG on a system level really made us sit down together at the table and decide on a single, unified public voice. To get everyone to a point where they started to talk with one voice helped not only with web content, but also with the overall strength of our network.”

Matt McKinney - Digital Communications Manager at Cone Health

The Concept

Cone Health Medical Group Promotes Providers

With more than 100 physical locations, 52 independent, unconnected practice websites, and 26 practices with little or no online presence, Cone Health Medical Group (CHMG) turned to Geonetric to create a single, centralized website to promote providers, showcase services and establish a cohesive brand identity online.

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About the Client

About the Client

Cone Health Medical Group (CHMG) is a provider-led network of specialty and primary care medical practices comprised of over 500 doctors and healthcare professionals. With 100 locations across North Carolina, its providers are employed by Cone Health and work closely with the region’s largest and most comprehensive health network to provide exceptional care.

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Writing original, valuable healthcare content can be challenging. Whether you need to overhaul your website, integrate separate sites or develop the content templates and tools that help your teams work more effectively, you can depend on Geonetric to provide the expert content support you need. We have thousands of pages of healthcare content under our belts, and a full suite of content services that leading healthcare organizations like yours rely on for their success.

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