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Business Value

Prove eHealth’s value? We love to.

An impressive Web presence creates a tremendous value for years — from improving brand awareness to transitioning site visitors into patients. We make sure your site becomes a valuable resource. And we’ll prove it each month in our Stat Report. Nobody else in the industry delivers this level of proof to their clients.

Metrics Matter

Our clients use a variety of metrics, and even though financial ROI is certainly one of the most important, it is not the only measurement of success. For example, measurements of site visitor satisfaction or provider visibility can also support a strategic position. We work with your team to define the appropriate success measurements and help you gather, analyze, and interpret your data.

Stat Report

Every quarter we hold a conference call with our clients and deliver a Stat Report. This report, presented by your Geonetric client advisory team, covers: 

  • Success measurements: Goals, metrics, progress, and strategy recommendations based on data trends, user behavior and our eHealth expertise.
  • Benchmarks: We benchmark your site’s performance against the organizations in your peer group so you can see how you compare.
  • Actionable guidance: We go beyond numbers, translating raw data into actionable information that enables you to track your progress toward strategic goals.

As you can see, we’re all about proving the value of eHealth. When you work with Geonetric, we  ensure the investments you make in your online initiatives impact your bottom line.

In Their Words

“Geonetric is wildly-knowledgeable. In our Stat Report. meetings they help us benchmark where we are and give us goals to reach for. If they bring up an idea, there’s a real benefit in doing it. They’re always trying to make our Web presence better.”

Kelly Brockmeier, Director, Marketing & Communications

St. Vincent's HealthCare

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Site Metrics Webinar

The Beyond Site Metrics: Measure Success webinar discusses how to measure your online presence using financial metrics, engagement measurements and search rankings.

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