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Who We Are

Geonetric Building

Talent, expertise and Midwestern friendliness

Geonetric builds websites and online marketing solutions for hospitals and health systems around the country. And along the way, we just happened to build an amazing place to work.

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Geonetric FAQs — Five things you should know

  1. Geonetric was founded in 1999 by Eric Engelmann and became healthcare specific in 2001.
  2. We build and support VitalSite CMS, the best healthcare-specific content management system on the market, and we offer a complete suite of online services.
  3. Geonetric employs 76 (and counting!) creative and talented people in Cedar Rapids, IA.
  4. We're recognized as both a fast-growing and cool place to work.
  5. We eliminated traditional management structures; we all work in an agile environment.

Work Style — 100% focused on continuous improvement

Agile. Scrum. Self-directed teams. Geonetric works a little differently than most companies. It works for us — and our clients! Since we eliminated traditional management structures and moved to an agile culture, we’re delivering value to our clients faster than ever before. In fact, our client satisfaction scores are the highest in company history.

So what’s different about the way we work? Just a few things, like:

  • Notecards. Lots of notecards. Everything goes on a notecard and gets prioritized. Then, every team commits to moving their top priorities to done.
  • Our teams meet for a few minutes every day, literally standing up, to talk about goals and activities for the day.
  • Pairing is common at Geonetric and we take knowledge sharing seriously.
  • We hold retros every week and talk openly about what’s working and what needs improvement.

Our goal is to improve our software and services a little bit every day. To become better, smarter and faster at what we do. In one month it might not be noticeable. But over time we’ll be unstoppable.

Our Digs — One super cool office

Have a question? We can find the answer. And fast. We don’t need to call someone at a location in a different state. We don’t even need to walk to another office. We all work together in one office space, collaborating and creating solutions for our clients.

In addition to wide, open spaces, our remarkable location also offers:

  • An office design that gives us everything we need to develop amazing Web solutions for our clients — from lots of natural light to training labs to our own recording studio.
  • A fast Internet. Like, blazing fast. Let’s just say having fiber makes us a tad more productive.
  • Opportunities to mingle with some pretty cool people. We share our office — and our breakrooms — with some innovative companies. You can feel the creative energy in the building!

Our Values — Five guiding values

Image of Geonetric's Values

Our mission to Wow! our clients has been in place for quite a while. But after moving to an agile culture, we realized our core values needed to be revised. Since we trust our teams to self-organize, we relied on them to define our guiding principles. Here’s what bubbled up — and here’s how it happened, just in case you’re interested.

Giving Back — 21 non-profit websites and counting

From running 5Ks to hosting food drives, Geonetric has always been a giving company. But in 2011, we decided on a better way to use our team’s skillsets to help our community. We chose to do for charity what we do every day for our clients — build incredible websites.

We established Operation Overnight. Over the course of 24 hours, we commit to deliver (at no cost) a fully-functioning website to a Cedar Rapids-based non-profit organization. Then, we sleep.

Over the last four years — due to the incredible turnout of Geonetric volunteers — we've built 21 fully-functioning websites for deserving non-profits.