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Healthcare marketing is different than typical business-to-consumer marketing. Geonetric understands the ins and outs of healthcare marketing and uses that knowledge to help us be more effective.

Jodi Rawson - North Kansas City Hospital

Connect with the right customers at the right time

Take a cost-effective approach to marketing that keeps you in control of your budget and in touch with your campaign’s daily performance. A Geonetric-managed pay-per-click (PPC) campaign gives you an effective way to connect with the right consumers at the exact moment they’re researching health information, searching for care or selecting a provider to treat themselves and their families. 

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Search — Paid search marketing

Pay Per Click

Where SEO casts a wide net, a well-executed PPC or paid search marketing campaign brings a laser-like focus to your marketing efforts. You’ll get your message in front of the right audience, at the precise moment they’re ready to act. This helps you fill your physician schedules, your clinic waiting rooms and your event rosters.

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Social — Paid social media marketing

PPC Social Media Marketing

You know the standard social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others. You may even use them daily. But if you don’t know how to run effective PPC or paid promotion campaigns on them, you’re missing opportunities to reach highly qualified prospects. When you partner with Geonetric for a PPC campaign, you gain a team that knows how to move you from visits to conversions by using each social media platform and its unique demographic targeting options.

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Conversions — A relentless focus on performance

PPC Conversions

Turn your PPC investment into measurable results that have a demonstrable impact on your bottom line. Your Geonetric team works transparently to drive valuable conversions for your organization while providing you with the critical insights about which tactics provide the best return on your PPC investment. This is precisely the information you need in order to make smart decisions about how you invest and allocate your marketing budget.

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Flexibility — Options for your budget

Respond quickly to PPC results. Maintain the flexibility to extend campaigns when they outperform expectations — or pause campaigns when your priorities shift. By collaborating with Geonetric’s team of experts, you’ll be poised to make the right investment as your needs evolve. Whether you need to turn a PPC effort into a comprehensive marketing campaign, or press the pause button to focus on a seasonal promotion, we’re here to help.

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