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    Is your website meeting accessibility standards?

    Developing digitally inclusive experiences is important, especially for organizations that are dedicated to providing care to their communities. But knowing how to get started making your site more accessible can be a challenge. That’s where Geonetric’s accessibility experts come in. Fill out the form above and schedule a time for our team talk to you about your accessibility concerns, discuss common issues that could be holding you back, and provide some tips for starting a plan of attack.

    Tools + Insight

    Many healthcare marketers turn to accessibility checker tools to review their sites – but a tool alone is not enough. They do a great job of providing you quick results but don’t tell you where to start to get the most value. We’ll combine report results with our technical expertise to help you see the top places where you need to invest.

    Accessibility Expertise

    Our designers have been helping healthcare organizations develop sites that meet WCAG guidelines for years. With specialized certifications and training combined with in-depth knowledge of how consumers use the web to make healthcare decisions, they can help you optimize your top online user paths and ensure they are accessible for all abilities.

    Healthcare Experience

    With access to care one of your top priorities, accessibility matters for hospitals and health systems. Ensuring your website works with assistive technologies isn’t just the right thing to do — recent lawsuits are making more healthcare organizations take notice of accessibility guidelines and best practices. Our team works exclusively in healthcare and know where your unique opportunities and challenges are.