PPC Campaign Promotes New Facilities

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PPC campaign supports optimization efforts and leverages advanced ad types to promote new facilities.


With the goal of providing convenient access to outpatient care, Owensboro Health opened three new Healthplex facilities in their service area. To build awareness of the new facilities, Owensboro Health partnered with Geonetric to invest in a paid search strategy that leveraged new Google Ads conversion types and complemented other optimization efforts.


Geonetric’s digital marketing team developed paid search campaigns focused on awareness leading up openings, which then transitioned to conversion campaigns. The expert team focused on continuous optimization throughout the campaign along with ensuring paid and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts worked together, and complemented other optimization work, for optimum results.


The project is still going today, but so far unique pageviews to Urgent Care increased 322% based on paid text and display working together and the campaign produced a 27% spike in overall site traffic year over year, with organic search the primary source. The three paid search ad campaigns averaged a 10% conversion rate and produced 148 total calls to the system from searchers. The campaign also got 487 clicks on links to their locations pages and delivered 30 conversions using Google Ads new local conversion ad type.


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“Geonetric continues to impress us with their knowledge of optimization, ability to create paid search campaigns that leverage both proven and new tactics, as well as their relentless focus on results. We’re thrilled with the overall success of the project and look forward to partnering on more digital advertising work with the Geonetric team in the future.”

Brian Hamby, Marketing Director
Owensboro Health

Proactively identifying and responding to the healthcare needs throughout western Kentucky and southern Indiana led Owensboro Health to begin construction on three state-of-the-art Healthplex outpatient facilities in Henderson, Madisonville, and Muhlenberg County.

To help build awareness for the convenient access and wide range of services available at the new Healthplexes, Owensboro Health partnered with Geonetric’s digital marketing experts to design and implement a two-part paid search campaign.

Increasing awareness

With grand openings happening in January of 2018, Owensboro Health and Geonetric’s digital marketing team focused on building awareness through a Google Ads paid text campaign. Starting in December 2017 and running for the two weeks prior to the opening, the text ads targeted searchers in the specific communities of Henderson, Madisonville, and Muhlenberg County.

The brand awareness campaign drove users to a landing page where they could learn more about the services available at the Healthplex and get the details about the grand opening celebration. The landing pages, built and monitored by the Owensboro Health team, were developed using landing page best practice recommendations provided by Geonetric.

Transition to conversion

After each of the facilities opened in mid-January 2018, the campaign transitioned to a conversion-focused paid search campaign.

Three campaigns launched in January 2018, one for each facility, with the goal of driving people to call for an appointment or learn more by visiting specific location pages. The campaigns started in January and continue to run today. The campaigns use a variety of paid tactics to engage searchers, including ad extensions and call-only ads.

One tactic included using an advanced Google Ads feature called dynamic keyword insertion. This technique dynamically updates ad text to include selected keywords that also matches a user’s search query. In the image below, you can see the search query was dynamically added to the headline.

In addition, the Geonetric team also leveraged a brand new Google Ads conversion type called local conversions (see below). Local conversions are counted whenever people complete an action that’s specific to a physical location during or after interaction with an ad.

Throughout the campaign, the digital marketing team performed weekly optimizations, making any needed adjustments to ensure top performance.

Investments in optimization

During this same timeframe, the Owensboro Health team also invested in other tactics focused on enhancing Healthplex online visibility. This included location-focused optimization work on Healthplex location pages, such as adding Schema.org, as well as on-page optimization work on the Urgent Care service line page.

In addition, the Owensboro Health Geonetric teams worked together to invest in business listing management, claiming and updating listings for the Healthplexes, including adding photos and accurate contact information and connecting them to Owensboro Health’s Google Ads account to help improve account performance.

Throughout the project, both teams are in continuous communication to ensure paid search and other optimization efforts complement each other instead of compete. Both teams keep a watchful eye on the data, ensuring paid efforts don’t cannibalize organic.

Holistic strategy creates impressive results

So far paid search and optimization tactics have created impressive results for Owensboro Health. Overall site traffic increased by 27% compared to last year, and the primary source of the increase was Organic Search. By targeted geography, Henderson saw a 48% year over year increase in sessions, followed by Madisonville with a 44% increase year over year.

The location pages for the three facilities quickly become top performers, ranking #2, #3, and #6 out of all Owensboro Health location pages in terms of pageviews.

The Urgent Care service line saw an increase in unique pageviews of 322% year over year, directly related to display and paid search.

Focusing on some of the paid search campaigns, the Madisonville Healthplex ads resulted in 96 calls and had a 13% conversion rate, followed by the Henderson Healthplex ads with 29 calls and a 10% conversion rate, and then the Muhlenberg Healthplex ads with 23 calls and a 7% conversion rate.

In addition, the campaign delivered 30 conversions using Google Ads new local conversion ad type.

Both teams are looking forward to even greater data as the project continues.

PPC Campaign Promotes New Facilities