Reinventing an Extensive Web Presence

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Less content means more impact for a multi-state health system.


Help one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers present a unified message online while consolidating and re-envisioning web content.


Content strategy and information architecture for multiple system-oriented websites.


Intuitive, user-friendly site navigation and content that addresses organizational goals by communicating the value of an extensive healthcare network.


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“We needed outside help to create a unified voice. Geonetric’s skilled content team did an amazing job. They provided guidance at every turn and helped us tell our story on the web.”

Grant Sanborn, Former Director of Interactive Marketing

HCA Capital Division

Few content strategy projects are simple, but when you’re working with numerous websites, teams, and hospitals in several cities and states, the initiative gets especially complex.

Such was the case for HCA Capital Division, a Virginia-based system encompassing 18 hospitals and 140 physician practice locations in several states. The health system division needed a partner who’d be up to the task of providing strategic content recommendations and information architecture for six websites—some a merger of hospitals’ existing online presences. The new sites would need to convey the breadth and depth of services across the health system, but also communicate the strengths of individual hospitals. Content had to be comprehensive, yet manageable.

Gathering Input

With so much at stake, a thorough research and discovery process was essential. Digital marketing agency Geonetric interviewed dozens of HCA stakeholders from multiple facilities to learn the health system’s overall marketing needs, as well as individual entities’ goals. To determine HCA Capital Division’s points of differentiation, the agency studied the organization’s competitors and reviewed hundreds of marketing materials.

Knowing the health system well helped Geonetric understand how to best approach HCA’s website structure and content. Inventories, audits, and gap analyses of existing online assets revealed under-represented services and locations, content of inconsistent quality, and duplicate copy that posed challenges to website maintenance and SEO.

Building Blueprints

Geonetric created streamlined website structures and navigation that represent the full range of HCA’s care and facilities, while making it easy for users to find the information they need most. In cases where websites merged, Geonetric reduced total page count by consolidating or eliminating redundant content, resulting in fewer, easier-to-manage sites.

For several websites’ service-line copy, the agency developed a detailed matrix that included important page components, such as key messages and calls to action.

Managing Content

To ensure new content would follow consistent editorial standards, the agency developed a style guide for HCA entities. Health system marketing staff received detailed guidance on writing in a way that engages website visitors and explains the benefits of the organization’s services and approach to care. Geonetric also helped HCA identify ways to more fully use health library media, which gives patients access to thorough, up-to-date medical information on the health system’s websites.

HCA would govern all its digital assets in a proprietary content management system that was under development. So Geonetric recommended ways to structure the CMS and page design to provide the best possible experience for both website administrators and site users long-term.

Reinventing an Extensive Web Presence