Revitalized Digital Marketing Strategy Increases Conversions for Top Health System

University Health is a centrally located San Antonio hospital and level 1 trauma center. It includes a network of dozens of health centers and prides itself on serving the communities’ needs and providing high-quality care. After partnering with Geonetric on a successful website redesign, University Health put their trust in the healthcare marketing experts at Geonetric to take over their paid search campaigns, and eventually, overall digital marketing strategy.

Optimizing PPC Ads with SEO

University Health’s needs involved both paid and organic optimization. They were not getting the return on investment (ROI) or conversions they were expecting from their digital ad campaigns. Ad campaigns were competing with other University Health campaigns and did not coordinate with their organic search efforts. The ad campaigns not being properly set up were also negatively impacting user experience. There needed to be less clicks for potential patients to get to what they were looking for on their site. This reduced the impact of the campaigns and wasted dollars in ad spend. University Health looked to Geonetric to increase ROI in their pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns.

Geonetric recommended a new digital strategy that combines University Health’s PPC and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to generate more impactful results. In their PPC campaign, keyword research and forecasting drove the direction for ad copy, landing page copy, and campaign budgeting. New landing pages were created to promote their services lines by supporting multiple locations on a single page with clear conversion points added throughout.

A growing partnership

An overhaul of the existing campaign structure and assets, as well as continuous optimization, led to a significant growth in digital performance. Geonetric increased University Health’s conversions by 79% across the board over a nine-month period.   One service line in particular saw a 691% increase in conversions and an 84% decrease in cost per conversion in the month following the takeover.  By creating a cohesive digital strategy, Geonetric also improved University Health’s user experience, leading consumers through the conversion process. Geonetric continues to push performance to new heights with monitoring, optimization, and A/B testing.

University Health initially contracted with Geonetric for a 15-month takeover of six campaigns. After seeing such positive results, University Health asked Geonetric to take over four additional campaigns along with managing their SEO and personalization approach. Geonetric continues to work with University Health on creating a cohesive, results driven, digital marketing strategy.