Increase ROI With a Holistic Digital Advertising Approach

Developing an integrated digital marketing strategy involves understanding all aspects of the consumer funnel because each digital channel and tactic provides unique benefits at different points in the user journey. In this webinar we highlight how paid search, search engine optimization and business listings help you own all aspects of a search engine results page when all are considered equally.

Craft Your Organization’s Digital Front Door Strategy With Results From the 2022 Consumer Health Survey

Geonetric’s 2022 Consumer Health Survey Report helps healthcare marketers like you get new insights and see where you need to invest to stay competitive in 2023. This research is part of an ongoing initiative to better understand the preferences and perceptions of health consumers relating to their use of technology throughout the healthcare journey.

Consumerism has been a growing force within healthcare and healthcare providers are under more pressure than ever to meet the expectations of health consumers. At the same time, health consumers have a growing array of care options, many of which are digital or have digital components.

As healthcare systems work to craft their digital front door strategies, this information should help you address consumer desires and meet them where they want you to be.