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Product Development

Our product team never rests. Seriously!

Technology changes, the healthcare industry is in a state of flux, and what is best practice today can become passé tomorrow. That’s why our product team keeps a watchful eye on industry trends and client requests to ensure our product stays a step ahead of market needs.

The combination of our well–defined software roadmap and our Scrum development process (an agile software development model) allows us to upgrade our software once per quarter giving us — and you — the flexibility to adapt to changing regulations.

Regular Releases

Our team has built the best content management system on the market. And they work tirelessly to keep it that way. In fact, we release VitalSite updates on a regular basis and ensure the releases include new functionality — for both your site administrators and your site visitors.

From incorporating the latest improvements in clinical eHealth to the hottest developments in intranets, our team is always weaving the latest trends into upcoming enhancements to ensure your website and intranet are the best they can be.

Product Blog Posts

Improving Team Performance with a Clothespin!

I’m never short of amazed when I discover how simple solutions can solve complex issues. One of the main goals on Geonetric’s software engineering team, day in and day out, is to deliver value to our clients. That’s accomplished by creating really cool and useful features to enhance our software. Read more.

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In Their Words

“The updates are like icing on the cake! They are another testament to the fact Geonetric is dedicated to providing clients with a top-notch content management system.”

Chris Di Julia, Web Manager

Crozer-Keystone Health System

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