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Hospital Intranets

Hospital Intranet

Intranets that improve efficiency

Give employees fast access to the resources they need when you use VitalSite for your intranet. A VitalSite intranet connects employees to your important documents and information. And by using VitalSite, you can edit and control the content in the CMS without hassling your IT department.

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Self-service — Find and manage information

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Improve internal communication and efficiency at your hospital. VitalSite gives your employees a central place to find important documents. And it lets them post information and share knowledge with other teams. This self-service approach streamlines work and connects your staff to the information they need — without having to call for help.

  • Connect employees to information on hospital policies, benefits, company updates, patient materials and more
  • Let each department and committee add content with the easy-to-use interface
  • Use permissions to manage the pages employees are allowed to view and edit
  • Personalize department sections to give each one exactly the content, data and interactive features relevant to the departments’ needs
  • Set up panels and SmartPanels to ensure visitors see recent news, events, and blog posts

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Convenience — Access the intranet wherever you are

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User experience is just as important on your intranet as it is on your website. Because many care providers use mobile devices in the office and employees work on the go, VitalSite makes sure your intranet is easy to access and navigate.

  • Employees can quickly find information and documents when working from home, traveling or commuting between facilities
  • Pages adjust for mobile devices so all content is just as easy to view on mobile as on desktops 

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Events — Drive registrations

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Increase attendance at your events. With VitalSite’s Calendar & Events Directory, you can promote events on your intranet, provide educational materials, accept registrations and manage attendee information. It has everything you need to drive registrations for:

  • Continuing education courses
  • HR enrollment and new employee meetings
  • Health fairs
  • Department meetings
  • Employee appreciation events and more

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Policies & Procedures — Organize your documents online

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Manage all of your policy and procedure documents using VitalSite’s Policy & Procedure Manager. VitalSite stores your documents in a central administration system so you can eliminate paper copies. You’ll have easy access to documents at any time. And you can maintain your Joint Commission (JCAHO) compliance all within the VitalSite platform.

  • Staff can quickly find policy and procedure documents
  • You can assign team member/group responsibilities and deadlines
  • Email notifies staff when documents need to be updated, reviewed and approved

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Hosting — Focus on your site, not your infrastructure

99 Percent Uptime

Hosting doesn’t need to be your top priority, because it’s ours. We have the security, facilities, structure and storage in place to meet the unique intranet hosting requirements for hospitals and health systems.

  • Two advanced, secure data centers, designed for website hosting
  • All hardware and software — and we absorb the costs for upgrades
  • Secure intranet mode that controls access to your intranet
  • Advanced security architecture that detects and prevents attacks
  • Service Level Agreements and response times for support 

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Process — Launch an intranet, stress-free


We start with a meeting to kick off your initiative. We'll discuss processes and expectations so that you know what to expect.


We'll gather information from you to ensure we build an intranet that's as unique as your organization.

Content Strategy

Your internal audience is just as important to your intranet as your patients are to your public website. We’ll discuss employee visitor behaviors and make sure we create an architecture and site structure that meets everyone's needs.


You'll get the training you need to learn how to use all of VitalSite's intranet modules and features. And you’ll develop the expertise to train others as needed.


Your brand needs to extend from your website to your intranet. Our designers will create a responsive design for your intranet that coordinates with your brand, site strategy and information architecture.


We’ll create and test the site templates so they’re ready as you finish writing content. And if you need help with content production we have resources to support you.


The launch of your intranet is easy and stress-free. Most work is done before launch. So getting your site up and running actually only takes a couple of hours.


Our partnership extends beyond launch. We’ll schedule regular status updates to measure your efforts and help you continually meet your employee communication goals.

Modules — Use functionality to inform employees

Core modules provide the information employees need:

Keep employees coming back with features like:  

  • Cafeteria Menu
  • Press Center
  • eCards
  • Announcements
  • Weather
  • Employee Spotlights

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