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Consumer Portal

Changing healthcare. One conversation at a time.

Patient care doesn't only happen behind your hospital doors. From your call center to your website, patients interact with your organization before, during, and after they're in your building.

A personalized online experience.

Geonetric's Consumer Portal offers a personalized online experience for consumers and extends your relationship beyond your facility. It helps you:

  • Meet the self–service needs of patients. Health consumers are Web savvy. They expect to be able to interact with your organization online. The Consumer Portal enables them to complete and save online transactions and event information. Site visitors can sign up for an account right off your home page, or when they begin a transaction. By adding just a little information, the transaction process becomes much more sophisticated — forms pre–fill with known information and visitors can store their forms and event registrations.
  • Improve patient acquisition. Imagine it — a portal that’s not just for patients! By enabling potential patients to create portal accounts, you begin to strengthen your relationship and encourage loyalty to your organization.
  • Provide a seamless experience. The portal integrates with your VitalSite website, providing a positive user experience for site visitors as they navigate between the two.

Help online visitors take the next step to becoming patients with the Consumer Portal.

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Genesis Health

Genesis Portal Login

Genesis Health System offers consumers access to an online portal to build stronger relationships and improve internal efficiencies.

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