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Achieve eHealth greatness — one hour at a time.

In this fast–moving healthcare industry, there’s no time for rest! From the latest in search engine optimization techniques to changes in meaningful use legislation, there are new tactics to learn and new ideas to discuss. That’s why Geonetric offers monthly webinars — live dial–in sessions that provide information on industry best practices. And the best part — they're free!

Upcoming Webinars


Hire a Web Vendor with Confidence

Thursday, October 30, 2014 — 3:00 PM

"Tell me about a time..." Everyone knows that job interview questions can be daunting – and quite telling. Why aren't these same types of questions used during your vendor selection process? They should be. In this webinar we'll explain why your Web vendor is one of the most important hires you'll make. You'll learn how to go beyond traditional content management software demonstrations and score cards, to ask the questions that allow you to evaluate potential candidates just as carefully as you would for an internal position. Don't let a poor hire set your website – or market position – back!

Attend this webinar and learn how to:

  • Look beyond software to see if your current or prospective Web vendors have all the skills necessary to move your website forward and become a true partner
  • Determine if your current vendor is offering the types of skills and service you need
  • Identify the soft skills – such as flexibility and cultural fit – that make for a truly great partnership
  • Treat vendor selection more like an interview process and ask questions that uncover what type of company you’d be working with
  • Choose the right company for a successful, long-term partnership

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