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PIH Health Physician Profiles

PIH Health Physician Profiles



Physician profile showing a photo of the physician

Know Your Audience

The majority of PIH Health’s site visitors access the site from a smartphone or tablet. In fact, 62% of all traffic comes from mobile, and the top visited section by those mobile users is Find a Doctor. That’s why PIH Health’s physician directory is built to be responsive – automatically adjusting to the device – and also why it offers a large phone number at the top. PIH Health knows its target audience finds filling out forms on their phones cumbersome, so the phone number works best.

Physician biographical information in the physician profile

Offer Compelling Bios

Of course, health consumers want to learn about their potential physician’s education, specialties and certifications. But knowing a doctor likes yoga and has two young children can also influence selection. Site visitors like to learn as much as they can about potential doctors, so PIH Health showcases its doctors through biographies that highlight clinical expertise and provide just the right personal touch.

Physician Videos in physician profiles

Engage with Video

There’s a reason YouTube keeps gaining in popularity – people like to watch videos. Offering videos of physicians alongside written information helps humanize the doctor and show a glimpse of his or her personality and bedside manner. Choosing a doctor is a big decision. Letting health consumers see potential doctors and how they describe their practice philosophies can go a long way to helping site visitors identify the right doctor for them.

Engaging design in physician profiles

Use Deliberate Design

Taking a unique approach to the layout of its provider profiles, PIH Health deliberately uses design elements to break the profile into sections and give the profile a flow. The layout keeps important conversion information – the phone number – at the top, while still providing new and different value as the user moves down the page. This layout also works great for mobile site visitors, encouraging them to swipe and scroll to learn more.

Measurable results from effective physician profiles

The Results

Since launching the redesigned provider profiles, PIH Health has seen a 182% increase in physician profile page views. The Find a Doctor section of the website continues to be the most popular with the mobile audience – it’s the top visited page and brought in more than 30,000 page views in the first six months since launch. In addition, the doctor videos average more than 1,100 views per month. 


“Before the new site, PIH Health’s doctors admitted being embarrassed about the website. They didn’t give patients or potential patients the site address or ever point anyone to their profiles. Now the doctors are thrilled with the design and engaged with using their online profiles to promote themselves and connect with site visitors. What an amazing change. Happy physicians and happy site visitors make for a happy marketing department!”

Terri Skitch - Digital Media Marketing Manager at PIH Health

The Concept

PIH Health Helps Site Visitors Find the Right Doctor

When helping health consumers select a doctor, providing relevant information is important. That’s why PIH Health uses advanced physician profiles to showcase its providers through compelling photos and bios, streamlined profiles, helpful office information and videos that engage site visitors.

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Capture of PIH Physician Profiles rendered responsively on mobile and desktop

About the Client

About the Client

PIH Health serves residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, as well as the San Gabriel Valley area, and offers a wide range of services and expertise, including more than 150 primary care physicians to provide general medicine and preventative care.

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More information, please!

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