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Altru Health System Microsite Design

Altru Health System Microsite Design



Altru Orthopedics unique site navigation asks users, "What hurts?"

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Altru’s new microsite focuses on six areas of the body – hip, shoulder, knee, hand and wrist, foot and ankle and elbow – instead of services and treatments. By asking visitors, “What hurts?” Altru provides a unique, user-focused approach to their site navigation.

Example provider profile from Altru Orthopedics

Unique Provider Profiles

To promote their excellent orthopedic doctors and surgeons, Altru developed engaging, in-depth provider profiles. The profiles share the providers’ philosophy of care, specialties, education, maps and locations, and feature a large request an appointment call to action.

Patients share their stories in comments or videos throughout the Altru Orthopedics site.

Engaging Success Stories

By adding patient testimonials throughout their site, Altru builds confidence and comfort with patients. Testimonials focus on the points prospective patients worry about most, including what to expect during a procedure and estimated recovery time.

The Concept

Microsite Creates Major Focus on Altru Advanced Orthopedics

Looking to help prospective patients learn more about its orthopedics service line, Altru Health System, based in Grand Forks, ND, created a new microsite with engaging design and user-friendly content. The new, responsive microsite is patient-focused in every respect, including showcasing treatment options on the joint/area of the body instead of the procedure.

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Altru Advanced Orthopedics displayed responsively on mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop.

About the Client

About the Client

Altru Advanced Orthopedics offers advanced orthopedic procedures including anterior approach hip replacement, cartilage restoration and hand surgery, focusing on providing the best care possible for each patient. Working closely with providers throughout the entire Altru Health System allows for comprehensive care from a patient’s first visit through recovery.


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