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Streamlined Site Structure

With a goal of improving user experience and boosting SEO, Geonetric’s content strategy team created a streamlined site map that improves usability and makes content easier to find and share. Many sections of content, such as rehabilitation and radiology, now stand alone so they can be used by multiple service lines, which reduces duplicate content and improves SEO.

Avera Custom Location Page

Custom Location Pages

During the content strategy phase, much of the content shifted from location-focused sections to services-focused, which aids overall user experience. But, it’s still important to give Avera’s high profile locations a place to tell their story, too. Custom location pages are the perfect solution. With an online presences customized to fit the specific hospitals, clinics and related facilities, each location gets a place to share contact information, in addition to descriptions of the advanced technology and accreditations unique to their facility.

Avera Heart Content

User-Focused Content

Avera engaged our expert content development team to write new content that promotes the benefits of receiving care from the Avera system. After conducting stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis and a thorough site analytics review, our team developed a strategy to promote services, locations and providers. The strategy guided content development efforts, with our team delivering 137 pages of benefit-driven, original content.

Avera Doctor Profile

Connecting Patients and Providers

Avera uses VitalSite’s provider directory to make it easy for site visitors to find and connect with the organization’s providers. Geonetric’s design team created a new visual approach for provider profiles that shares office information, personal perspectives and professional background, as well as blogs and videos.

Avera Baby Photos

Engaging Baby Photo Gallery

To promote their birthing service line and keep site visitors engaged while on the Avera site, Geonetric developed an eye-catching online nursery. Proud parents can announce their baby’s arrival and visitors can quickly find their new little one by choosing a variety of helpful filters, including the baby’s first name, mother’s first name, father’s first name, date of birth, gender or location.


Avera’s previous site contained 9100+ pages. By interpreting Google Analytics (GA) data to uncover the top viewed pages for the last year, streamlining site structure and decreasing duplicate content, the new site now has 900 pages of content – a decrease of 90%! It will not only be easier to manage, but also, by removing duplicate content and adding original, user-focused content, SEO should improve.


From design to content development, Geonetric delivers. They’ve been our partner for over a decade and have been instrumental in helping us move to a system-centric approach on the web.
-Alicia Schumacher, Director of Digital Media, Avera

The Concept

Avera’s Website Creates a Unified Brand

Avera is an integrated health system headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD. Their new site shifts focus to the system instead of individual facilities – and with 33 hospitals and 208 clinics located in five states, this was no small feat. In addition to a new structure, other highlights include refreshed, user-focused content, new provider profiles and engaging baby photos. The new Avera site truly serves as a uniform doorway to the entire health system, connecting patients to the wide range of services available across the system while still making it easy to find resources close to home.

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About the Client

Avera serves South Dakota and surrounding areas of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota through six regional centers in Aberdeen, Mitchell, Pierre, Sioux Falls and Yankton, SD, and Marshall, MN. The organization includes 33 hospitals, 208 primary and specialty care clinics, 40 senior living facilities in addition to home care and hospice, sports and wellness facilities, home medical equipment outlets and more.

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