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Content Cross-Promotion with VitalSite CMS SmartPanels

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Drive conversions with effective cross-promotion

Placing panels on your site allows you to cross-promote your services — guiding visitors on a path that ultimately leads to a conversion. VitalSite’s panel technology makes it easy to do so. With our one-of-a-kind SmartPanels, much of your work happens automatically! Watch this video and learn how you can update hundreds of pages, all at one time. 

You'll learn how panels can help you:

  • Promote content, videos, images, links, widgets, forms and virtual tours anywhere on your site
  • Dynamically link information to services, doctors, and locations, automatically promoting related information on high traffic pages and keeping site visitors moving toward a conversion point
  • Manage content in one central place — make a change once and the panels update on all of your pages