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Calendar & Event Directory

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Attract attendees and manage registrations 

An online calendar and events should have all the features you need to attract attendees, drive registrations and manage participant information. Watch this video to learn how VitalSite's Calendar & Events Directory can ensure your site visitors find the right events at the right time. 

VitalSite's Calendar & Events Directory allows you to drive registrations and:

  • Promote events with descriptions that include key information like date, location and fee information — and go a step further by including rich video, images and multimedia components to catch site visitors' attention and get them to convert
  • Integrate with the main site search so events and classes will appear when site visitors search for terms like "heart" or "pregnancy"
  • Automatically promote your events on related pages, locations and services throughout your site
  • Customize registration forms that collect all the attendee information you need and enable visitors to easily pay using credit card, eCheck, and pay-at-the-door options