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What Are the Top Web Design Trends?

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Top Web design trends go beyond responsive

With the growing number of ways that consumers access the Internet, responsive design is fast becoming the industry standard for hospital websites. But it's more than just a new tool to engage with site visitors. Responsive design has introduced a renaissance in website design that’s improving the experience for both mobile and desktop users. Whether you’re looking for ideas on what to do next with your responsive site, or want tips for using mobile-inspired designs to stand out in a crowded market, here are five design trends to consider.

In this article you will learn:

  • Why so many healthcare organizations are focusing on mobile-first design
  • About flat design — one of the most visible trends coming from responsive design
  • The elements making up the visual storytelling design trend
  • How contemporary Web design and the return to minimalism influences website design
  • Techniques healthcare can leverage which are being borrowed from other Web experiences